Election Recap Marin Voters Signal Support for Transportation Funding

Marin voters continue to overwhelmingly support and ask for better, and more, transportation options. In last week’s November 6 election, over 75 percent of Marin voters supported Measure AA, Marin’s transportation sales tax extension, and opposed Proposition 6, the gas tax repeal.

“Three-quarters of Marin’s voters have told us that they want transportation that works, plus communities that enable equitable opportunities for all Marin to enjoy healthy personal lives, safe routes to schools, and a clean environment,” MCBC Executive Director Jim Elias said.

“We hope you’ll lean on this strong message from voters and take even more ambitious steps to make it easier for people to get out of their cars,” Elias told the Transportation Authority of Marin Board of Commissioners on Wednesday.


Forward-thinking, multi-modal transportation solutions have been fully embraced by Marin voters in 2018. MCBC’s endorsements went four-for-four this year, with several transportation funding streams created or preserved:


Marin only: 76 percent*

Measure AA extends Marin’s transportation sales tax for 30 years and will generate an estimated $860 million for local projects. Close to 40 percent of the funds generated will go to street repair, multi-use pathways, safe routes to schools improvements, money for “complete streets” improvements like the recently-completed Miller Avenue project, and the Safe Routes to Schools program.


Marin: 76.8 percent | Statewide: 56.4 percent* (percentages for “No” votes)

The rejected gas tax repeal preserves a recent $5 billion annual increase in transportation funding that includes $100 million for bike/ped projects (statewide), $25 million for sustainable transportation planning efforts (statewide), and an estimated $8.5 million for road repair in Marin.


Marin: 60.5 percent | Bay Area: 55 percent

The Bay Area bridge toll increase will create $4.5 billion in highway, transit, and bike/ped improvements in the toll bridge corridors and their approach routes, including $150 million for Safe Routes to Transit / Bay Trail projects and $100 million for access improvements to North Bay transit.


Marin: 74 percent | California: 57 percent

The parks and water bond authorizes $4 billion for state and local parks, natural habitat conservation and restoration, and clean water protection. It includes $30 million for trails and greenways, and will expand access to parks and outdoor recreation.

*As of November 14


As of November 14, Lori Frugoli led Anna Pletcher by a margin of 1,655 votes (50.8-49 percent), with an estimated 24,422 uncounted votes remaining. The next update is expected Friday, November 16 at 5 PM.

MCBC thanks both candidates for taking the time to answer our questions regarding cycling safety and raising important issues throughout their campaigns. We look forward to working with Marin’s next District Attorney going into 2019.

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