news Nominations Open for Bike Commuter of the Year

It’s time to nominate your grittiest, bikeiest friend for 2019 Bike Commuter of the Year!

With all the rain that’s fallen in Marin, it’s sometimes hard to imagine pedaling to work, school, etc. But sure enough, dedicated bike commuters have been out there in all types of weather, choosing pedal power over cars and inspiring all of us through their commitment to riding!

Every year, one inspiring commuter is chosen from each of the nine Bay Area counties to be recognized as a Bike Commuter of the Year.

Nominations are now open until April 2, so fill out this form and recognize your favorite bike commuter today!


Past winners

2018: Matt young, mill valley – san francisco

2017: Heidi rosevear, tiburon – tam valley

2016: bret winters, san francisco – mill valley

2015: julia busiek, fairfax – pt. reyes station

2014: rich steele, tiburon – san francisco

Thanks to our bike to work day 2019 sponsors!


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“My commuter bike has the most soul. It’s a steel Sycip touring bike that accepts wide gravel tires, but I typically ride durable road tires. The next in line is my gravel bike, which feels like home. I ride that bike most often with its versatile uses on road and dirt.”

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