Congratulations! Marin’s 2017 Bike Commuter of the Year: Heidi Rosevear

“I like to ride my bicycle!” continues!  “Let’s Ride” on the 2017 Bike To Work Day

MCBC members continue to show how much the original idea of bicycling “to work” has evolved in recent years.  With many people working from home or local offices, using a bicycle means more than just a morning and evening commute. Often, it’s quicker to use a bicycle for local errands than to choose a car.  As many MCBC members have learned, it’s much simpler to roll up to where you need to be and lock your bike than to fight traffic and circle a crowded parking lot.

As everyone gears up for the 2017 Bay Area Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 11  – part of National Bike Month – we’ve been speaking with a variety of MCBC members who use the bicycle as an integral part of their everyday life…

But today, we get to honor the 2017 Bike Commuter of the Year – Heidi Rosevear

Sorting through the nominations, one thing that tipped the vote in Heidi’s favor was the very real impact of her choice to ride – one less car on the roads.  By simply deciding to use her bike, she stepped away from the line of cars crawling through southern Marin.  Her route may not be excessively long, but it highlights how simple it is to use established pathways to arrive at work refreshed and ready.

Among the nominations, several glowing comments stood out:

“Heidi is an all around wonderful person who bundles up to ride to work rain or shine to keep one less car on the road.”

“Heidi not only loves to ride her bike to work, she honestly wants to lessen the impact of cars on our community, the environment and lessen the dangers to school kids from automobile traffic at pedestrian crossings found in our community. “

“Heidi loves doing her part to keep cars off the road!  She swapped out a job with a long car commute a few years ago to one she can bike to and never looked back.  She sets a great example of how to do make a contribution to shared goals (less traffic, less pollution, more fitness) and she loves it!”

“Heidi feels it is important to reduce the traffic and congestion between her home and work during the busy commute times. Even though some segments of her commute are on busy roads that are not her favorite, much of it is on bike paths with beautiful scenery.”

“Sometimes wet and windy, or frosty and slippery, she rides for the exercise, fresh air, and a sense of purpose and community.”

“Her 45 minute ride each way could be a 15 minute zip in the car, without traffic, to her free designated parking spot, but she consistently chooses to ride.
I am convinced that it brings her joy.”

Now that her fans and supporters have given you a little background, let’s hear from the winner herself.

2017 Marin Bike Commuter of the Year: Heidi Rosevear

  • Occupation: Bean Counter
  •  Years Riding: 27 years on & off.  Most recent “on” — 4 years.
  • General Location in Marin where you tend to ride most frequently: The bike paths between Tam Valley and downtown Tiburon


What bicycle do you like the best?

Whatever bicycle gets me from point A to point B without squeaking too much.

What part of your ride do you like the best?

The Mill Valley bike path, by the wetlands, especially on fall mornings when the birds are doing their thing.

What do you like best about the benefits of riding your bike?

It keeps me out of the gym, out of traffic, and gets me to work at the same time.

What would you have liked someone to tell you when you started?

That I can be just as effective at my job with helmet hair, smeared mascara, and slightly rumpled clothing that has been crammed into a backpack during my commute.

Where do you most like to ride your bike?

The bike paths between Tam Valley and downtown Tiburon. I am truly just a commuter rider; I rarely ride “for fun”.

Why would others like to ride in Marin?

It’s God’s country.

What is your favorite ride/route?

Any route that keeps me out of traffic to the extent that is possible in an overpopulated region.

What part of riding would you most like to improve?

Minimize riders’ exposure to cars wherever possible. The more people aren’t afraid to ride, the more cars we can get off the roads.

What is your favorite vision of the bicycling in the future?

An environment where even the most traffic-wary among us aren’t afraid to hop on a bike to pick up a gallon of milk or drop something off at the post office.

Finally, if there’s a further message you would like to share with the people who ride bikes in Marin County, what would that be?

The people who ride bikes in Marin don’t need any encouragement. It’s those who are reluctant to get on their bikes who do:

I began riding my bike to work as a response to sitting in four schools worth of traffic on Tiburon Blvd every day. Although my route is mostly bike path, I was intimidated by the unpleasantness of getting across Highway 101 to the Tiburon side. But one day I just did it. And it wasn’t that bad. So I kept doing it, and soon it became a habit. After a few months, as an accidental bonus, I noticed that I was no longer wheezing my way up a flight of stairs or squeezing into my fat pants, and I hadn’t even tried.

I am no athlete. People assume my eight-mile, mostly flat ride takes about 30 minutes, and it probably should. But it takes me 40 minutes. I ride like a granny, more concerned with getting to work in one piece than paying attention to my optimum heart rate or improving my time. Riders in clip-on shoes and spandex speed past me all the time, and I applaud their discipline and hard work. My favorites, though, are my co-commuters, the right leg of their khakis stuffed into their sock, just avoiding rush-hour traffic on their way to work.

Thanks Heidi!

Congratulations to all the Nominees for 2017 Marin County Bike Commuter of the Year

Each of you inspire countless others to ride – thank you!

Bill Lescohier

Derald Cook

Christine Anderson

Margot Geitheim

Hilary Noll


If you have wanted to be a part of the Bike to Work movement – running errands, ferrying kids or simply commuting to and from your office – it’s easy to start!   You Can Bike There provides a number of resources, and we have Employer Toolkits to help others in your office or workplace leave their car behind.  On Thursday, May 11, we’ll be out in force, with Energizer Stations on routes throughout Marin County.

Look for more profiles of MCBC members who Like to Ride Their Bicycle!

Editor’s Note: These interviews represent the words and opinions of the featured rider.  As such, the views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.

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