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Bike the Vote 2022

Bike the Vote on November 8, 2022! Local elections are your opportunity to voice support for a more bike-friendly Marin. Marin County Bicycle Coalition is here to help you Bike the Vote by sharing candidates’ responses to our questions on bicycling issues.

Tiburon Town Council Candidate Questionnaire

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Marin County Bicycle Coalition cannot endorse candidates for public office, but we are able to share information so that you can arrive at your own conclusion. Below are Tiburon Town Council candidates’ responses to our questionnaire on bicycling in Marin. We have made no content changes. Thanks to the candidates for their time and thoughtful answers!

Bay, Bikes & Birds Ride Shows Shoreline in Detail

More than 40 riders joined together on the recent “Bay, Bikes & Birds” ride, which gave deeper insights to several areas familiar to most Marin cyclists.  Anyone who has wished for better fenders while riding on the Mill Valley Bike Path during “King Tide” events knows that even a moderate change in sea levels has significant impact.

Get to Know Your Local BPAC

Stay involved with bicycle and pedestrian projects in your neighborhoods by engaging with local a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee