Off-Road Action Alert New, Flowy Trail Under Construction on Big Rock Ridge

Ever since Big Rock Trail opened over a decade ago, there has been a push for a “bookend” trail at the eastern end of the Ridge. Currently, the only options to climb or descend Big Rock Ridge to/from Marinwood, Ignacio, or the Pacheco Hill Pathway along Highway 101 involve extremely steep sections on Queenstone, Chicken Shack, or Ponti Fire Roads. That’s about to change!

The road to trail conversion of Ponti Fire Road will create a mostly new sustainable grade trail (at less than 10 percent) from the old Marin IJ building near Indian Valley to about halfway up Big Rock Ridge. The new trail will include Best Management Practices that will create sinuosity along a scenic ridgeline.


The public is currently allowed to preview the new Ponti Ridge Trail on the weekends. The trail is still under construction and won’t officially open until later in the year, but it’s ridable and getting use. If you check it out be sure to “Slow & Say Hello” while passing others. Face coverings are required under the County Covid-19 Health Order, even outside. If no one is around, let the mask sit under your chin. But pull it up when you are near other folks. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for Strava route from Ignacio Park and Ride.


  • It will create a gentler grade to ascend Big Rock Ridge from Marinwood, Lucas Valley, and Ignacio, avoiding current fire road grades of 25 to 30%

  • It will provide a better trail experience for people on bike, foot. and horse.

  • It has multiple connections to nearby neighborhoods, as well as the Pacheco Pathway paralleling Highway 101.

  • It will reduce erosion, habitat fragmentation, and the risk of landslides.

  • It will improve safety by creating an alternative to the steep, rutted fire road, which is dangerous and can cause injury.


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