Annual Fund Campaign Safe Bicycling Starts Here

For the last 20 years, MCBC has been laser-focused on delivering projects that make bicycling safe and convenient. Infrastructure improvements–like Cal Park Hill Tunnel or Miller Avenue in Mill Valley–don’t just happen. They follow years of thoughtful planning and mobilizing our community of bike believers.

It starts with a vision.

We want everybody in Marin to safely enjoy the freedom of bicycling, whether for transportation or recreation. That means building out a network of bike routes–routes like the North-South Greenway, a continuous pathway running from Sausalito to Novato and beyond–that connect people with Marin’s communities and landscapes.

Then a plan.

This year alone, MCBC helped design three new bicycle master plans–blueprints for future improvements in the unincorporated County, City of San Rafael, and on Caltrans highways.

Our involvement is delivering new dedicated bike lanes and pathways to and through Downtown San Rafael, including connections to the isolated Canal neighborhood.

Our involvement reminded elected officials that Alto Tunnel can and should be pursued.

Our involvement has guaranteed signage and shoulders on every rural road with heavy car and bike traffic.

Sometimes, we need your voice.

MCBC members are great at speaking up when called upon. When we come up against opposition, we know we can rely on you to send emails and show up to meetings.

In the last month alone, over 300 of you wrote letters supporting our proposals to fix the dangerous streets surrounding the San Rafael Transit Center and create new bike lanes on Bridgeway in Sausalito.

We always need your support.

All of the work we do to build a safer, healthier Marin relies on your generous support. Without it, there would be no organization in Marin pushing a for a bike-friendly future, representing your voice at city meetings, mobilizing people who bike, and ultimately, winning improvements.


The next generation of bike lanes, pathways, bridges, tunnels, shoulders, and climbing lanes are out there. Will you help us deliver them?


Bjorn Griepenburg

Policy & Planning Director

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

PS: A sincere “thank you” to those who have already given to MCBC’s 2018 Annual Fund Campaign. Please consider sharing this message with your network.

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