Who Will Win Marin BCOY? 2017 Bike Commuter of the Year Nominations Now Open

They quietly roll out from their homes in all kinds of weather and head to work, load their children onto a cargo bike and bypass the “lineup”, or just ease downtown, immediately find parking and return from errands refreshed and invigorated. Marin has many excellent examples of bike commuting heroes.  

Who do you know that is a dedicated bike commuter that pedals to work regularly? Who inspires others to commute for the health and mental benefits of bicycling, making every day a “Bike to Work Day?” What cyclist brings the joy of riding to his/her commute, rain or shine?

Now is your chance to shine a little light on their actions – nominate him/her as Marin County’s 2017 Bicycle Commuter of the Year!

Nominations Are Now Open!

Simply go to youcanbikethere.com and look under “Event Information” to put your favorite Marin pedaler into the running for this year’s award! While you’re there, check out the winners from the last several years to get inspired to join the ranks of cycling commuters. Nominations close April 3.

And don’t forget to join us for Bike to Work Day 2017! Scheduled for Thursday, May 11, it’ll be a party on wheels across the Bay Area as tens of thousands of cyclists pedal to work. Mark your calendars and come join us!


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