news 3 Gaps Trail Initiative in Full Swing!

Early last year, MCBC identified the three biggest gaps in Marin County’s bicycle trail network. This began the MCBC 3 Gaps Trail Initiative: our vision of a single car-free route from the Golden Gate Bridge to Pt. Reyes.

Much of the effort goes on day to day, working with land managers to identify possible linking trails and then moving these through the various phases of planning and review.  MCBC members showing up at key meetings and spreading the word to other cyclists have kept everything on track through the process.

We are happy to report that one of the three proposals, Easy Grade Trail, just took one step nearer to closing a gap!  Following a public comment period, California State Parks reported some impressive news.

96% of comments favored the proposed change to allow bicycles on Easy Grade Trail citing, safety, avoidance of paved roads (Pan Toll), increased access for bicycles, reduced potential environmental impacts of a new trail to allow bikes, increased connectivity for bikes to other trails, safer for younger bicyclists, increased connectivity to Bay Area Ridge Trail, reduced potential danger of motorists with bicycles (the new route would allow bicyclists to stay off roads with motorists from Mt. Theatre to Pan Toll).

The report went on to say that the addition of bicycle use to Easy Grade Trail is approved and that staff expects to have a proposed modification plan completed in the first half of 2016. The trail will remain closed to bikes until the modifications are complete.

Thanks to all who wrote comment letters, it really does make a difference!

A tour of Easy Grade Trail from Tom Boss on Vimeo.

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