Congratulations! Bike Month 2021: That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap! Bike Month and Bike to Wherever Day were a success. We’ve heard reports that our annual Bike to Wherever Day swag bags flew out the door at many of our distribution locations throughout Marin! Whether you took someone on a ride or grabbed your annual Bike to Wherever Day Bag, we want to say thank you for riding your bike and being a part of the Marin biking community.

Bring-a-beginner (or returning rider) winners

The “bringer” for this challenge will receive a Timbuk2 bag, and the returning rider will receive MCBC swag and a Marin County Bicycle Map! Read on to learn about their experience.

Rainbow Underhill & Tony

“This month’s challenge was so much fun and a perfect excuse to get my friend Tony back on a bike!

We both graduated from Marin high schools and had ridden bikes in Marin back then- but he gave his bike to his brother several years ago and stopped riding-!

He recently asked me how the new routes are to cross the Richmond-San Rafael bridge, and I was more than happy to invite him on a ride- his first in a long time! I fitted one of my bikes to his size and set our bikes up with lights and fresh chain oil, brought him a bag of bike snacks and filled him a water bottle. We had a lovely day, perfect weather for a 21+ mile ride; and I was proud to show him the Marin path upgrades as well as the bridge bike path, and we discussed all the bike routes that are new and improved thanks to so much of MCBC’s work.

So, thank you for the excuse to get my friend back on a bike. This is certainly only the first of many bike adventures ahead-!” – Rainbow Underhill

Thanks Rainbow, and congratulations to both of you!

Scavenger hunt

Our scavenger hunt winners submitted photos from five different locations throughout Marin from our scavenger hunt map! They will each receive a bag from Timbuk2. Here is a shot from each of their hunts.

John Iwawaki – Scavenger Hunt Winner

Philip Mooney (left) – Scavenger Hunt Winner

Congratulations, scavenger hunt winners, and thanks for your participation!

Hilary Noll – Bike Champion

And, in case you missed it, here’s our writeup about this year’s Marin County Bike Champion, Hilary Noll!

Thanks to all who participated this year! And of course, many thanks to our sponsors. We could not do this without you!

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