MCBC Community High School Student and Eagle Scout Candidate Evan Lee’s Bike Support Boxes

Evan Lee, Eagle Scout candidate in Troop 59 (Greenbrae) and junior at High School 1327 in San Anselmo (formerly Sir Francis Drake High School) completed installation of bike support boxes at two locations on Marin Municipal Water land on March 7, 2021. 

“I have been riding trails in Marin my whole life and thought these boxes could be helpful to many people. When I went up the weekend after I had completed the project, I saw two bikers using the pump, and they were very grateful that the box was there. They even left a bar inside to pay forward, which I thought was really cool.”

“The purpose of this project is to provide a support box for mountain bikers who forgot an extra tube or tool and need to do a repair on the trail. If you have a problem with your bike on the trail it is easier to bring your bike to one of these boxes than to walk all the way back to your car or house.”

“The project involved a surprising amount of planning, meetings, and communication, and took over a year to complete, in part due to Covid restrictions.”

“I am grateful for the support throughout from Tom Boss of MCBC, Carl Sanders and Max Clifford from MMWD, and many members of my scout troop.” 

Location of the bike support boxes – Station 1: Phoenix Lake; Station 2: Eldridge Grade/Filter Plant Road

The bike support boxes are located at Phoenix Lake near the water fountain and signage area and at the intersection of Eldridge Grade and Filter Plant Road.  They are made with usability and durability in mind, and include a pump, multi-tool, tire levers, adjustable wrench, and spare tubes. 

Evan demonstrated leadership of scouts during both construction and installation of the stations. Materials and tools were partially provided by MCBC and MMWD.  Evan raised $481 from individual donors. 

Evan hopes to add an informational plaque at each station so people will know what they are for.

members make it happen

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