news CLIF Bar CykelScramble Signups Now Open

If you want to come race the CLIF Bar CykelScramble – the totally awesome bike relay race with obstacles and other crazy stuff where anything can happen and probably will – you need to assemble your squad and sign up now. Yes, it’s still free!

What is CykelScramble? Did you miss it last year? Then check out the video and catch up!

Then, get your team together!

FOUR riders. ONE bike. It’s open to anyone who is looking to have fun and up for a challenge.

CS_Partner-FB_768Team themes are encouraged (and rewarded). Three race categories means that whatever your skill level, there is a class for you. 200% free to race and attend!

Plus, our custom course with varied terrain and more than a dozen obstacles will dial up the fun, no matter what. The course is designed to showcase your ability to embrace the unexpected, show off your riding style (even if you don’t have one) and reward those who like to get a little dirty.

AND CLIF Bar CykelScramble will also have food trucks, a headliner band, beer garden, and lots of other fun stuff in the works.

But you have to apply to race by August 1 st , 2016 at the CLIF Bar CykelScramble site!

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