Cory's Ride Update Cory’s Ride Spring 2024 Update – New Student Group at Novato High School

As Cory’s Ride pedals into Novato with a new partnership at Novato High School and reaching a new group of students through our ongoing mission to empower young minds through cycling and community engagement.

In an exciting development, Cory’s Ride has extended its reach to Novato High School, ushering in a new chapter of cycling and community integration. Partnering with the “Pan con Café, Arte y Cultura” after-school club, led by seasoned educator Roxana Levia, a diverse group of 11 students, (almost) evenly split between boys and girls, is excited to get rolling.
Corys' Ride Spring 2024 update

The core objective of Cory’s Ride aligns seamlessly with the mission of the Pan con Café initiative, aiming to facilitate the integration of students new to the United States and Novato High School. Through a blend of cycling activities, field trips, and cultural engagements, participants are offered avenues for growth, connection, and empowerment.

Cory's Ride Spring 2024 Update

Roxana Levia, reflecting on the significance of bicycles in newcomers’ lives, emphasized their role as tools for freedom, exploration, and integration into their new environment. “For newcomers, these bikes will become their means of transportation, entertainment, and an active outlet during their transition and integration into their new life,” she remarked.

Beyond mere transportation and recreation, Cory’s Ride and Pan con Café can foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among newcomers, equipping them with the confidence and resilience to navigate the challenges of their new environment. The benefits extend to social interaction, physical well-being, and personal development.

As Cory’s Ride and Pan con Café gets rolling at Novato High School, it signifies a promising collaboration. With Roxana Levia’s leadership and the enthusiastic participation of students, this initiative is poised to make a profound difference in the lives of newcomers, enriching their educational experience and sense of belonging in their newfound community.

For further updates and insights into Cory’s Ride initiatives, stay tuned for upcoming announcements and events.

Cory's Ride Novato

Stay tuned for more updates from Novato High School as we continue to pedal forward with Cory’s Ride and empower youth through community engagement and the joy of riding a bike.



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