Cory's Ride Fall 2023 Updates Cory’s Ride – Making Community Connections

Cory’s Ride builds deeper community connections in Marin City and San Rafael with new partnerships with Bridge the Gap and Next Generation Scholars.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news as we continue to expand our mission of promoting cycling within our community. Cory’s Ride has recently established two invaluable partnerships with Bridge the Gap in Sausalito/Marin City and Next Generation Scholars in San Rafael. Both organizations have a rich history of empowering youth and supporting their academic journeys toward college. These collaborations mark a significant step forward in our commitment to cycling advocacy and youth empowerment.

Bridge the Gap: Forging a Deeper Connection with MLK Jr. Middle School

Three Cory's Ride students on bikes with adult on bike

One of our most notable developments is our partnership with Bridge the Gap, which places cycling at the forefront as an engaging activity for middle school students at MLK Jr. Middle School in Sausalito/Marin City. Every Wednesday afternoon, during the school’s early dismissal, we join the students to share their passion for cycling and impart essential skills and knowledge. You can spot us riding on the bike paths heading to Mill Valley, Tiburon, the Golden Gate Bridge, and beyond.

This weekly program extends well beyond the act of riding a bike. Our collaboration with science teacher Nathan Scripps has been pivotal. Under Mr. Scripps’s guidance, the students actively participate in building a bike repair station, which will serve as an invaluable resource for any student cyclist at the school. They are learning about common bike mechanic issues and how to fix them. This hands-on experience not only imparts valuable mechanical skills but also nurtures a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students. The bike repair station will provide practical solutions for bike-related issues and symbolize empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Next Generation Scholars: Joining Our Next Class of Earn-a-Bike Riders & Two New Interns

Cory's Ride Interns

In addition to our collaboration with Bridge the Gap, we are excited to announce our partnership with Next Generation Scholars in San Rafael. This partnership brings a new group of students into our next class of earn-a-bike riders, who will be meeting at Pickleweed Park in San Rafael starting this month.

Of particular good news is the addition of two senior student interns, Carlos Hernandez and Manuel Guevara, who are an integral part of this initiative. Both Carlos and Manuel are passionate mountain bikers and have been active members of their school’s NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) teams since their freshman year.

As seniors at Next Generation Scholars, they are working on their Community Uplift Project, which empowers students to make a meaningful and direct impact on their communities while enhancing their applications for acceptance and financial support at competitive colleges and universities. Carlos and Manuel have chosen an inspiring focus for their uplift project. They are dedicated to helping students understand how cycling is empowering and how it can play a crucial role in supporting mental health; easing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Their commitment to this cause is a testament to the transformative power of cycling, not only as a means of physical fitness but also as a tool for fostering emotional well-being and resilience among our youth. They will be working with us right beside us in class and rides and sharing their perspectives on the health benefits of cycling with this next group of young cyclists.

Come Join Us on this Exciting Ride

As we pedal forward with these partnerships, we anticipate an even more significant impact on our community, echoing the transformative power of cycling in our youth’s lives. Together, we’re fostering a healthier, empowered, and more resilient generation of cyclists and advocates.

We’re extremely proud of this venture and warmly invite you to be a part of our mission. Together, we’re shaping a new generation of responsible and confident bicyclists, riding toward a future brimming with promise and excitement. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Cory’s Ride. We look forward to this new chapter in our story! We are excited to have you along for the ride.

Keep an eye on the MCBC blog for Cory’s Ride updates on our rides, adventures, and milestones as we cycle together toward a brighter future!


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