Play Marin Partnership Cory’s Ride In Marin City

Cory’s Ride and MCBC is thrilled to announce a new and transformative partnership with Play Marin, an incredible organization based in Marin City, led by the dedicated Paul Austin.

Since 2012, Paul and his committed team at Play Marin, have opened doors for children of diverse ethnic backgrounds and economic conditions, fostering growth and learning opportunities. Play Marin initiatives include sports teams, summer camps, and enrichment activities. Each activity is designed to foster a sense of unity, kinship, and learning among the young participants.

Cory's Ride+Play MarinThis collaboration aligns perfectly with our Cory’s Ride program. It embodies the very essence of our mission – to promote the joys and benefits of cycling to youth, while encouraging inclusivity and community spirit. Through this partnership, we aim to reach even more young people. By introducing them to the thrill and independence of cycling, we’ll help foster physical fitness, environmental consciousness, and social connection that comes with riding a bike.

As part of this new venture, we are excited to introduce the newest Cory’s Ride group. Fifteen students from Marin City will become Cory’s Ride’s 5th cohort. We’re confident that these young, enthusiastic riders will bring a fresh, dynamic spirit to our Cory’s Ride family. Their journey with us begins at the start of camp on June 27th, and we eagerly anticipate their arrival.

Students are in for a fun-filled camp. Each student will receive a bike of their very own to keep. They’ll get to cruise around on daily bike rides, learn how to keep their bikes in tip-top shape, and master the do’s and dont’s of sharing the road. They’ll also sharpen their sense of direction and wayfinding, and most importantly, have a blast messing around on their bikes!

We’d like to express our immense gratitude to Paul Austin and the entire team at Play Marin for enabling this partnership. We believe that together, we can make a significant impact on these students’ lives, while also enriching our collective cycling community here in Marin County.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Cory’s Ride. We look forward to this new chapter in our story! And we are excited to have you along for the ride.

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