Stafford Lake, McNears Beach, and a Bike Giveaway Cory’s Ride – A Sweet Finish to 2022

As we approached the end of 2022, we found ourselves looking back and reflecting on all the amazing progress we’ve made with Cory’s Ride. 

This program started just three years ago, and more than 50 kids have been directly impacted by the program.  They’ve been given the opportunity to build friendships, learn responsibility, develop leadership skills, live a healthier lifestyle, and experience the joy of riding a bike.  Students from San Rafael High School, Davidson, Venetia Valley, and Sinaloa Middle School have gotten to know each other and ride together through the program.  It’s been incredible to see this community blossom, and we saw the fruits of it this past holiday season.

Cory's Ride Rounds Out 2022

Marin County schools were closed for the week of Thanksgiving, and we took that opportunity to spend some quality time and have fun with our Cory’s Ride kids.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we rode with our students from Sinaloa Middle School out to Stafford Lake.  Thanks to a grant from Marin County Parks, we were able to show our students just how beautiful and vital Marin’s green spaces really are.  The kids LOVED getting to experience the bike park, as well as resting on the hammocks by the lake before the ride back to town.  

On Black Friday, MCBC spent the day getting ready for the newest group of Cory’s Riders to receive their bikes.  Tires were pumped, bikes and equipment were labeled, and the stage was set for the bike distribution at Pickleweed Park in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael.  At 3 pm, eleven wonderful students showed up to receive their bikes.  They’ve been working hard with us since September, and they earned that moment.  As Cory’s dad, Tim Leonoudakis, likes to say, “That’s another eleven lives changed by the power of the bike!”  Stoke level was high as we then went on a group ride out to the approach of the Richmond – San Rafael Bridge (which we’ll ride across with them soon).  The gratitude shown by both the students and their parents was enormous.  Cory's Ride Rounds Out 2022


Our final ride of the year was out to McNears Beach during the students’ winter break.  It was a crisp, clear day, and all of our San Rafael cohorts came together to ride the 10 mile route from Pickleweed Park.  We’re not sure if there was a tailwind, but the kids arrived half an hour earlier than we expected them to!  They were having a great time and seeing just how fun biking can be.  Andy’s Local Market was generous enough to provide our students with a delicious lunch, and Marin County Parks came through again with a free, beautiful picnic site for us right by the water.  It was a great day.

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