Partnering with Play Marin for a New Generation of Cyclists Cory’s Ride Summer Adventure with Play Marin

This summer Cory’s Ride had the pleasure of joining hands with Play Marin to work with students from MLK Middle School. This partnership quickly evolved into a transformative summer program that built community connections beyond just riding bikes.

Discovering the Thrill of Cycling

Our journey began with the Cory’s Ride Play Marin students discovering the thrill of cycling. Guided group rides took them through the scenic neighborhoods and parks of Sausalito, Mill Valley, and Tiburon, all linked by stunning cycling paths. More than just a ride, this was a lesson in sharing the road and embracing a sense of responsibility.

“‘Bike riding makes your soul grow strong.’ My daughters always looked forward to the days they could bike ride with everyone to get ice cream or hamburgers with everyone. They were so happy when Cooper said they could keep the bikes they had enjoyed so much at camp. What a surprise!!! Thank you so very much!!!! We are forever grateful.” — Patrick Bryan – Father of Play Marin Campers Ashely, Jennifer and Alison Bryan

Learning Safety and Bicycle Care

As with all our Cory’s Ride groups, safety is always the highest priority. The students were taught the rules of the road, allowing them to explore their neighborhoods with confidence. The education extended to hands-on lessons in bicycle maintenance, including tire repair, chain fixes, seat adjustments, and more. Alongside these practical skills, students also learned essential practices like properly locking their bikes to ensure security at school or around town.

Nurturing Enthusiasm and Independence

The growth and energy we observed in these young cyclists was truly inspiring. Starting this Fall, we’re expanding our rides in Marin City with Play Marin’s after-school programming on Wednesdays. Beyond fostering physical fitness, we’re encouraging students to take charge of planning their rides and routes, nurturing their independence, and inspiring a desire to explore Marin County and beyond.

“Building partnerships is not just about uniting resources; it’s about igniting a commitment to create lasting impact. Like a well-crafted bicycle, our collaborative efforts provide the wheels of change. With each turn, we propel the dreams of youth forward, not only by providing bikes but also by nurturing mentorship and delivering essential instruction. Together, we have assisted in a journey towards a future where every young heart finds the path to empowerment and possibility.” — Paul Austin – Play Marin

Come Join Us on this Exciting Ride

We’re extremely proud of this venture and warmly invite you to be a part of our mission. Together, we’re shaping a new generation of responsible and confident bicyclists, riding toward a future brimming with promise and excitement. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Cory’s Ride. We look forward to this new chapter in our story! We are excited to have you along for the ride.

Keep an eye on the MCBC blog for Cory’s Ride updates on our rides, adventures, and milestones as we cycle together toward a brighter future!


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