MCBC Community Covid-19 Update: What It Means for MCBC & Bicycling in Marin

Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s physical office is closed indefinitely due to the novel coronavirus, but we will continue to work on your behalf to advocate for better bicycling and serve as a resource for the bicycling community. We will update this page to keep you informed during the County’s “Shelter in Place” Order. See below for information on what the Order means for bicycling, visiting parks and trails, supporting local bike shops, and staying engaged from home.

‘Shelter in place’ order: WHERE can I bike? (updated 7/28)

Policies pertaining to bicycling during Covid 19 change frequently.  As of 7/27/2020, the Marin County Health Department is requiring masks be worn when you are outdoors in public and can not stay six feet from othersIf you are able to maintain adequate distance from other riders, you may ride without a mask, but have your mask easily accessible.

Summer camps, and thus socially distanced rides, are allowed for groups of 12 or less but only if adequate precautions are taken to maintain social distance and prevent exposure. Though MCBC has cancelled all large group rides for the foreseeable future, we are closely monitoring the situation and will likely offer socially-distanced group rides of no more than 12 riders in a group in the coming months.

As regulations change daily, we recommend that all riders and clubs check for updates at Marin Public Health’s website.  

Essential activities include: 1) ensuring the health and safety of yourself and your family, 2) engaging in outdoor activity that does not involve close contact with other people, 3) obtaining services and supplies for yourself and your family, and 4) performing employment functions that are permissible under the Order. For more information on the latest Public Health Order, please refer to the County of Marin Department of Health and Human Services’ website.

ALL TRAILS REMAIN open for people visiting by foot & bike

Effective June 1, people are now allowed to access parks by foot, bike, or car. A few roads in Pt. Reyes National Seashore remain closed to cars.

Camp Tamarancho is now open. Visitors are asked to ride clockwise. For the latest updates, keep an eye on the Friends of Tamarancho Facebook page.

San Domenico campus trails are closed until further notice.

PLEASE RIDe responsibly

While getting outdoors for physical and mental health is currently allowed in Marin, we want to remind everyone that now is the time to do your part to flatten the curve of Covid-19. Please abide by the following recommendations to ensure the health and safety of others:

    1. Six Feet at a Minimum
      Everyone is required to social distance from others with a minimum buffer of 6 feet. When passing or approaching people on foot, bike, or horse, slow down and create as much distance as possible. On trails that are less than six feet wide, it is imperative to communicate with other trail users to ensure you can keep your distance. Consider stepping off the trail to let others pass, stick to the fire roads, and/or ride in off-peak hours.

    2. Wear a Mask, Bandana, or Buff When You Ride
      Marin County health officials, along with state and federal officials, are now urging the public to use masks or face coverings when leaving home for essential travel and exercise. For cyclists, that means riding with a bandana, buff, or mask and pulling it over your nose and mouth before passing other people.

    3. Do Not Drive to Your Ride
      If you live in Marin County, you probably have access to great rides close to home. Please ride from your house. Authorities are citing vehicles parked at or near park entrances and trailheads. The sight of a loaded bike rack on the back of a car or truck is not good for the cycling community during this crisis. Please do your part and stay close to home.

    4. Ride on Open Trails Only
      Stay off of trails that are closed to bikes. The way you ride will influence trail management decisions and policies.


We confirmed that bike shops are considered an essential service and may remain open during the Order. Be sure to check with your local shop before you visit; many have adjusted their hours and service.

All retail will be impacted by this crisis, but especially our locally-owned businesses. Please do what you can to support your local bicycle shop and bike-friendly businesses by placing orders from home, scheduling tune-ups, buying gift certificates, etc. For an up-to-date list of shop hours and business schedules, please click this link.

And as always, please support those who support MCBC.

what can i do to support & Engage with marin’s bicycling community?

Even if you can’t leave the house, there are plenty of ways to get your bike fix and support our bicycling community:

Support your Bicycle Coalition:

Our existence and ability to fight for safer streets and expanded trail access relies on your generous giving. We’re anticipating a significant dip in revenue as this period of financial instability sets in. Please consider joining MCBC or making a one-time gift to help us through this period of uncertainty. Thank you!

Join our Marin Family Biking Facebook Group:

We started this group a few months back but haven’t devoted much time to it. Now could be a great time to create our family biking community. What are you bikey families doing with your kids now that they are home? How many of you are using your bikes to help your kids to get the wiggles out?

Follow MCBC on Facebook and Instagram:

We’ll be offering up regular bicycle-related entertainment ideas for your time inside.

members make it happen

All of our work to make bicycling in Marin more safe and accessible is powered by your generosity. Please support your local Bicycle Coalition by making a one-time or recurring gift today.

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