Casual Cycling Detours for April 13, 2016

Three more bicycle things which crossed our desks this week.  No endorsement should be inferred or implied…

We just liked them and thought you might too.
Enjoy and ride safe!


A helpful reminder that Bike To Work Day 2016 can help any commuter to get back on their bicycle.

An intriguing quote from Jad Daley’s article Climate-Smart Transit Means Walkers and Bikers Matter
“A study of California’s Bay Area found that increasing walking and biking to an average of 22 minutes per day from the current average of 4 minutes per day would reduce carbon emissions by 14 percent and reduce health costs for cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 14 percent. These combined benefits offer a strong incentive for public investment.”  

Most people, it turns out, cannot draw bicycles.

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