Off-Road Cycling Detours for June 8, 2017

Seen from the Saddle: (above image) Bringing Books By Bike… coolest ride we saw on Bike to Work Day 2017!

Three more bicycle things which crossed our desks this week. No endorsement should be inferred or implied…

We just found them interesting and thought you might too.
Enjoy and ride safe!

1 – A little more background on the switch to “safety” bicycles and how they boosted the women’s rights movement. (You did see the upcoming speaker event at MMofB, right?)

2 – From the International Desk (courtesy of a thoughtful MCBC Member – thanks Bart Jan!) – How do you make space for recreation in dense cities where it appears there is no space to be had? One capital in South America may have the answer.

3 – Bike Thief Shaming? Or Karmic Retribution? You decide.

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