SMART Launches Passenger Service Free MCBC Valet Helps Open SMART Service

As you’ve likely heard, SMART’s long-awaited passenger service began on August 25 when the first train departed the Sonoma County Airport Station at 12:49 PM!

MCBC’s awesome Valet Bike Parking team was on hand keeping bikes safe and secure for the first full weekday of passenger service on Monday, August 28 from 7:45 AM (for the 7:59 AM northbound departure) to 6:45 PM (for the 6:26 PM southbound arrival). The temporary bike corral got set up in the Whistlestop Parking lot on 4th St. and Tamalpais Ave., next to the northwest corner of the SMART platforms.

What: MCBC Valet Bike Parking @ San Rafael Downtown Station
When: Monday, August 28, 7:45 AM – 6:45 PM
Where: Whistlestop Parking Lot – 4th St. & Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael Downtown Station

Policy & Planning Director Bjorn Griepenburg started his day parking bikes and greeting members and riders until 10 AM, as well as explaining how bikes work on the new commuter train system.

MCBC Bike Commuter Resource:
Using Bikes with SMART

Taking your bike onboard?

Each train car has space for up to 12 bikes (24 for the standard two-car set) using a combination of hanging hooks and spaces against folding seats along the wall.

When trains are crowded and seats are in high demand, spaces against the folding seats may not be reserved for bicycle storage. When this occurs, SMART staff should direct you towards the nearest available space before you board. MCBC will closely monitor bike access and storage issues over the first few months of service..

Leaving your bike at the station?

Thanks to advocacy efforts from MCBC and SCBC, SMART funded and recently installed electronic bike lockers and additional bike racks at all 10 stations in the initial operating segment.

Lockers will cost $.05 per hour and can only be accessed by BikeLink cardholders. BikeLink is currently seeking local bike shops to provide physical vendor locations for their cards. In the meantime, you can order your BikeLink card through their website.

Looking for the SMART pathway?

You can view SMART’s latest pathway map here (large file). As we wrote earlier this year, the pathway continues to be funded and built in a piecemeal fashion. Three Marin County segments totaling 1.7 miles are set for completion in 2017: Novato San Marin Station to Rush Creek Place, Grant Avenue to Franklin Avenue (Novato), and San Rafael Civic Center Station to North San Pedro Road.

MCBC and SCBC are currently working on a pathway prioritization plan that will deliver our recommendations for the funding and construction of the remaining pathway segments. The report should be available by early 2018.

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