Off-Road It’s Time for a More Inclusive Recreation Plan on the Mt. Tam Watershed


We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance a more inclusive trail system on the Mount Tamalpais Watershed while stewarding the land for future generations. Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) is developing a Watershed Recreation Plan (WRP) and you need to be part of this process if you care about bicycle access on Mount Tam! It’s time for a more inclusive Recreation Plan on Mt. Tam.


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Date: Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Topic: Community Workshop #6 Watershed Recreation Management Plan Outcomes and public input

Agenda: Will be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting here

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MMWD Watershed Recreation Plan Desired Conditions

Here is a list of desired conditions and what we’d like the Recreation Plan to address:

  • A plan built on guiding principles such as:
    • Safety: Enable all trail users to access the trails without undue risk of harm.
    • Equity: Every trail user regardless of their race, age, gender, income or recreational preferences is considered equally in the process, and allowed to enjoy watershed trails if they embrace these core principles.
    • Sustainability: Trail use policy should be data based and support environmental preservation and social sustainability.
  • Encourage participants to engage the process in good faith and be open to compromise.
  • Better distribution of visitors: highlight benefits of recreating in more remote areas of the watershed to reduce conflict and overcrowding
  • Create new policies and Best Management Practices to enhance the visitor experience, reduce maintenance costs and reduce impacts on the habitat.
  • Include new trail management solutions, including separating users, distributing use more evenly, time allocation (even/odd, time of day, seasonal closures, etc) and stewardship through the adoption of trails.
  • Focus on shared values such as resource protection and rewarding experiences in nature.
  • Let’s take equity and inclusion seriously. This includes addressing transportation challenges and a lack of meaningful outreach and engagement that reflects the diversity of California.
  • Recognize and celebrate Mount Tam as the birthplace of mountain biking and create a plan that has a toolbox of options for enhancing the trail experiences for this growing and mature user group.
  • Leverage the bicycle community to help with outreach, education and stewardship on the watershed.
  • End the practice of pointing out problems, both physical and behavioral, without trying new ways to solve them. For example:
    • If bikes appear to cause erosion on a particular trail, often there is an underlying issue that has not been addressed. Poorly performing trails are generally the result of bad alignment, poor construction, lack of routine maintenance and little to no management.
    • Conflict usually occurs in areas of high density with a mix of uses. With 22,000 acres and hundreds of miles of roads and trails, we can strategically distribute visitors more broadly, bringing relief to congested areas.

Lead by example

Please be a bicycle ambassador while riding on public lands!

Follow speed limits (15 MPH MAX), passing protocols (5 MPH when passing), and make your presence known with a “Howdy”,  “Hi!” or a ring of the bell before passing other trail users. Slow way down when passing all users (hikers, bikers, runners and equestrians) whether on trails or fire roads.

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