HELPING TO IMPROVE THE CORRIDOR FOR EVERYONE Outcomes of Lansdale Solutions Public Forum #2

Woonerf_signSan Anselmo and Fairfax planners have been hard at work preparing solutions to our concerns about the Lansdale Avenue corridor.

At the first Lansdale Solutions meeting, several areas of concern were rasied.  These included:

– Lansdale has heavy pedestrian traffic, including children, seniors and families
– Pedestrians and bicyclists have no protection or buffer from automobile traffic
– People in cars and on bikes often go too fast for the conditions
– Sight lines are poor on Lansdale and from side streets
– The pitch on the south side of Lansdale (where the homes are) makes it difficult to walk, forcing pedestrians into the path of cars and bikes
– Noise from Center Blvd. makes hearing cars and bikes approaching from the rear difficult
– Cars and bikes cutting through the FairAnselm parking lot creates a hazard

The first public forum took place on Thursday, March 24, 2016  in Fairfax.  The focus at this meeting was to have participants help to expand upon the list above. They were also invited to mark-up maps of Lansdale Avenue to help identify specific issues of concern that exist and share what those concerns are. After the forum, all input received was shared with the Town of Fairfax and Town of San Anselmo Department of Public Works, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees, and law enforcement. more…

Lansdale Solutions Public Forum #2 took place on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 in Fairfax. Thanks to all those who attended! It was informing, inspiring and a step to improving safety on the avenue. At the meeting there was a brief recap of the primary issues, followed by representatives from Fairfax and San Anselmo presenting a number of short term and long term proposed enhancements.

Here are some of the improvement tools that were discussed:

Speed tables
These are an expansion of the speed bump concept, designed to slow traffic at intersections. There is a great example at the Red Hill Shopping Center in front of the new Farm Burger.

Painted and/or textured boxes at intersections
These markings on the pavement draw one’s attention, causing motorists and bicyclists to slow down. They can be implemented quickly and affordably.

Woonerf signs
Woonerf signage draws attention to a street where cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and other local residents travel together and where there is no traditional infrastructure in place to guide them. The signage is intended to convey a message of shared space.

Placement of outposts at the ends of the street staffed by residents, volunteers and police to promote respectful behavior and reinforce the rules along the avenue.


By the end of the meeting, consensus was reached to move forward with an initial strategy of painted/textured intersections, signage, and outreach. There was interest in having a block party to kick it off, and both towns will be working with residents to address line-of-sight issues at intersections.

Initial improvements are expected to begin in late summer. Feedback will be collected to better understand if the physical improvements and outreach strategies are successful and where there’s room for adjustment and/or additional measures to be taken if necessary.

While the current plan won’t address all concerns, it will allow us to get started this summer on efforts to improve safety on Lansdale Avenue.

Longer term ideas that were discussed included installing speed tables at the intersections (visit Red Hill Shopping Center for a sample) and filling in a drainage area to create off-street parking.

For now, we greatly appreciate your support for the initial safety improvement tools and strategies identified, and we hope you’ll volunteer for outreach opportunities later this summer to help ensure the greatest success possible (see sign-up form below).



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