MCBC-Sponsored Neighborhood Outreach Solutions for Lansdale at First Neighborhood Dialog

Many of us regularly use Lansdale Avenue as part of the East-West Greenway in Marin County.  Whether connecting the last segment to Fairfax festivities or the gateway to the roads and trails in the western part of the county, it’s a unique and special neighborhood with an interesting history.  (Lansdale was actually the roadway next to the commuter rail system which morphed into Center Boulevard.) When community members mentioned concerns about auto, bicycle and pedestrian use in the area, we helped coordinate the first public dialog held March 24, 2016.

It was great to see a great turnout of neighborhood residents and others for the Lansdale Solution Forum #1. This first of two meetings focused on identifying specific concerns along Lansdale Avenue. A second forum will focus on proposed shorter and longer-term solutions (date to be determined – check our Events Calendar).

Lansdale areas of concern noted on response mapsThe initial public discussion – hosted by MCBC and the Lansdale neighborhood – had more than 40 people in attendance. Residents attended from Lansdale Avenue, Baywood Court, Alder Court and Hooper Lane, along with Fairfax Mayor Renee Goddard, San Anselmo Public Works Director Sean Condry and Fairfax Director of Planning James Moore.

At the start of the meeting, we shared some of the concerns which had previously been brought to our attention, such as the lack of pedestrian protection, fast moving cars and bikes, lack of stop sign compliance, parking constraints and the difficulty of turning onto Lansdale from the side streets.

Here are some of the topics shared at the meeting:

  • Sight lines are poor both on Lansdale Avenue and from side streets.
  • The pitch on the south side of Lansdale Avenue (where the homes are) makes it difficult to walk, forcing pedestrians into the path of cars and bikes.
  • Noise from Center Boulevard makes it difficult to hear cars and bikes approaching from the behind.
  • Cars and bikes cutting through the FairAnselm parking lot creates a hazard, and police are encouraging this activity.

We will be continuing to add to the list of comments and provide upcoming information for the second forum at our Lansdale Solution page –

For questions or comments and/or to be added to the Lansdale Solution outreach list, contact neighborhood liaison and Lansdale resident Kate MacLaughlin at and/or MCBC’s Tom Boss at

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