Azalea Hill Trail Project - On Track for 2024! Liberty Gulch Trail Update Fall 2023

The Liberty Gulch Trail is getting closer to completion thanks to volunteer days over the past two seasons.

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MCBC Trail Steward volunteers put in 75 hours of service over the past few months! They prepared the middle section for drainage enhancements and cleared excess vegetation. The Marin Water Trail 

Crew worked on a retaining wall at the top of the trail. The Crew also began constructing one of the remaining bridge projects lower down.

The Project provides a much-needed connection and safety improvement between the “Lakes” and “Pine Mountain” areas. It will likely be the first of MCBC’s 3 Gaps Initiative projects to be completed.

Last year volunteers helped construct two bridges on what’s known as the Fishermen’s Trail, between Bullfrog Fire Road and where the old Liberty Gulch Road dives into Alpine Lake.


This year’s work has focused on the transition from the shoreline trail to the Liberty Gulch Road Grade, which climbs to Bolinas-Fairfax Road at a consistent 5-7% grade. A bridge is now under construction at that location. A retaining wall was also built at the top of the trail after the spoils from the current Bolinas-Fairfax Road buried and destabilized the area. 

Our volunteer days have been focused on the middle section of the trail, clearing non-native vegetation from the trail corridor to improve sightlines. It will also allow easier access to failing culverts, to be repaired this fall or next spring. The draining enhancements and a final bridge project will keep going into 2024.

For now, the trail is closed to all visitors. Assuming the stars align and we don’t have a long winter, the trail could be open by next summer or fall.

Watch for trail days this winter if you want to get a sneak peek at the trail!

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