MCBC Sponsor Focus: Marin Bikes: Born Here

Throughout Marin county and the greater Bay Area, businesses, organizations and individuals continue to recognize the key role that a person on a bicycle can play in improving our community. As a small “thank-you” for their enthusiasm for MCBC efforts, we will be highlighting a variety of key sponsors that play an integral role in supporting the MCBC Experience…
Company Name:
Marin Mountain Bikes Inc.
How is Marin Bikes unique?
We’re the only full-line bicycle company based in Marin County – the birthplace of mountain bikes.
We offer a range of award-winning models for cyclists of all levels.
What should riders know about Marin – whether the county or the company?
Our roots run deep in Marin County, having been born in Marin 30 years ago. We’re the “local” bike brand to North Bay Area riders and have long been a part of the scene.
Which MCBC projects or events particularly resonate for Marin Bikes?
All those in this county help immensely with bicycle infrastructure, which in turn gets more people out on bikes, helping spur bicycle sales area-wide. Biketoberfest is great, as we interact with a large number of cyclists, sharing our love of bikes.
Why does Marin Bikes support MCBC?
Cycling is obviously very important to us, and we want to do our part to support those who support riding in our community. Trail access is a major issue in Marin, and we are proud to help MCBC fight the good fight and keep existing trails open and work to add more in the county.
Anything else?
As previously stated, we’re the only full line bike company located here in the birthplace of mountain biking. We want all to experience the wonderful natural areas that Marin County offers, especially those accessed on a bike – whether it be on dirt or on road. Marin is a cycling hotbed, and our models are designed with our first-hand knowledge of taking in all that the county offers.
All images courtesy of Marin Bikes, Inc.

Look for more profiles of supporting businesses and companies that are a key part of the MCBC Experience and sponsor our efforts to advance the common good of cycling for a better Marin.

Editor’s Note: These interviews represent the words and opinions of the featured sponsor. As such, the views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.

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