Who We Are Member Spotlight: Andrew Levine

One of the biggest perks of working at MCBC is connecting with community members and hearing about their experiences, everything from how a daily bike commute turned their health around to epic bike tours across the States. Everyone has a story to tell. We wanted to find a way to share some of these stories and celebrate the many joys that bikes bring into our lives. 

For our inaugural Member Spotlight, we are excited to introduce an outstanding individual who has been a long-time supporter of MCBC and a dedicated volunteer with the Friends of Alto Tunnel. Meet Andy, an avid mountain biker who has harnessed the benefits of his electric mountain bike (eMTB) to maintain an active lifestyle, enhance his fitness routine, and continue his passion for mountain biking. 

Member Spotlight - Andrew Levine

Andy has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), a progressive hereditary disease that causes damage to the peripheral nerves in the legs and arms, and leads to muscle weakness and some loss of sensation. Despite this challenge, it hasn’t slowed him down or dimmed his passion for cycling. When Andy first started looking for an eMTB it was important to have an optimal balance between electric assistance and personal effort. This led him to the Specialized Levo SL, a bike known for its lighter frame and motor that compliments the rider’s input. Weighing in at just 38 pounds, the Levo SL offered an ideal combination of performance and agility, allowing Andy to conquer both technical terrain and the everyday climb to get back home. While the Levo does provide assistance, Andy emphasizes that he doesn’t rely solely on the bike’s motor. He enjoys a variety of workouts with a mix of riding technical trails and high-intensity virtual races on Zwift. 

In fact, since purchasing an eMTB in February 2022, Andy has noticed significant improvements in his overall fitness. The extended riding hours, made possible by the e-assist, have helped him refine his technical riding skills and contributed to enhanced cardiovascular endurance. Andy also notes that he rides with a group of strong and experienced friends, who were challenging to keep up with on an analog bike, but the Levo helps to level the playing field. Instead of struggling to keep up, a little assistance from the bike’s motor allows him to ride comfortably with the group. 

Through the Member Spotlight series, we celebrate stories like Andy’s, showcasing the joy and empowerment that bikes bring to our community. So, whether you ride an electric bike or are sticking with analog, ride for transportation or recreation, we hope to see you out there!


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