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The Kunkel brothers, Tyler and Ryan, are two outstanding teenagers from Mill Valley, who have shown exceptional dedication to philanthropy and community service. Their love for mountain biking and their desire to give back to their community have led them to support the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Cory’s Ride program, that provides bicycles, helmets, and education to youth in Marin County who would not otherwise have access.

Tyler, the elder brother, is a senior at Tamalpais High School and has been mountain biking since he was a child. His love for mountain biking is driven by the joy of spending time outdoors with his friends, exploring new trails, and challenging himself to improve his skills. Tyler’s passion for mountain biking led him to join MCBC’s Trail Stewards, a volunteer program that aims to maintain and improve the trails in Marin County through trail mainteance volunteer days. Kunkel Brothers Trail Days

During his time with Trail Days, Tyler learned about MCBC’s Cory’s Ride program, which provides bicycles and helmets to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. Tyler was impressed by the program’s mission and was eager to contribute. He started fundraising on his own, holding community bike repair clinics over the summer, and raised $330 for Cory’s Ride.

Ryan, the younger brother, is a sophomore at Tamalpais High School and shares his brother’s love for mountain biking. Ryan enjoys the challenge of mountain biking, pushing himself to improve his skills and accomplish his goals. He also appreciates the impact that his donations can make and likes to see the direct impact of his contributions.

Ryan decided to use his creativity and passion for 3D printing to raise funds for MCBC’s Cory’s Ride program. He designed and printed 3D ornaments of Mt. Tam, and sold them with half of the profits going to Cory’s Ride. Ryan’s hard work paid off, and he raised over $2,000, donating $1,022 to MCBC.

“I like being able to see where my money’s helping…I could see a direct impact of what I donate as an individual to MCBC or Cory’s Ride as a whole.”

Kunkel Brothers MTB

Both Tyler and Ryan also volunteered their time at MCBC’s Cory’s Ride event during winter break, helping kids learn how to ride and maintain their bikes. MCBC recognized their extraordinary efforts and asked to interview them to learn more about their motivations and philanthropy.

The Kunkel brothers shared their love for mountain biking and their desire to give back to their community. They emphasized the importance of supporting programs like Cory’s Ride that provide kids with opportunities to explore the outdoors, learn new skills, and gain confidence. They also highlighted the impact that small actions can have on a community, encouraging others to get involved and make a difference.

When asked about his experience rolling with one of Cory’s Rides, Tyler said “it was nice that I could not only be a peer, but also a mentor, and share my love of this sport. And you could tell that they really had a fun time and how happy they were to start riding downhill after.” Well Hallelujah to that!

The Kunkel brothers’ dedication to philanthropy and community service is truly inspiring. Their love for mountain biking and their desire to give back to their community have led them to make a significant impact on MCBC’s Cory’s Ride program. Their efforts serve as a reminder that even small actions can have a significant impact on a community, and we should all strive to make a positive difference in our world.


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