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Meet Cory’s Ride’s Newest Group of Students. Our 4th Cory’s Ride cohort includes 11 eager participants who will earn their own bikes upon completion of the program. More importantly, they will gain leadership skills for the betterment of themselves and their communities.

Cory’s Ride, an MCBC initiative started back in 2020 to provide the health and mobility benefits of biking to more youth in Marin, just recruited its Fall 2022 cohort. 11 lucky students from Venetia Valley, Davidson Middle School, and San Rafael High School will meet with MCBC staff over the next year for bicycle classes and group rides.  If they stay involved and committed to the program for the entire twelve month period, these deserving youth will keep their bikes, helmets, lights, locks, and other equipment that has been provided to them… forever.

Cory's Ride Newest Students

This new group of students represents the fourth cohort to be a part of Cory’s Ride. Two groups have successfully graduated from the program, while our third cohort (selected from Sinaloa Middle School in Novato) will complete their commitment in the Spring of 2023. This newest batch of students applied to be a part of Cory’s Ride last month, after attending presentations at San Rafael High School’s AVID program and Canal Alliance’s UP! program. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an elective program for students who will be the first in their families to attend college, and its purpose is to “prepare students for college eligibility and success.”  The UP! (University Prep) at Canal Alliance has a similar focus, providing tutoring, homework help, academic workshops, and counseling to get students ready to graduate from high school and prepared for the next step in their lives. We believe that Cory’s Ride is a great complement to the amazing work being down at AVID and UP! The new students have completed two classes, with four more to go.

And for our other Cory’s Ride cohorts and graduates, the group rides continue!  We rode with our Sinaloa middle schoolers last Wednesday to the Mike’s Bike headquarters in Novato, where Matt Adams and Eric Lucan gave the kids a fun and educational tour of the warehouse. We also rode with our San Rafael high schoolers to Amy’s Drive Thru in Corte Madera yesterday, where they were treated to lunch. MCBC and Cory’s Ride are so grateful to have wonderful partners in the Marin Community. Thanks for all that you do to support our youth!

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