MCBC Education & Encouragement Introducing Cory’s Ride – MCBC’s Newest Program

10 Deserving High School Students Get New Bikes and Invaluable Mentoring through MCBC’s new Cory’s Ride Program

Tim and Suzanne Leonoudakis have a vision to give the joy of riding a bicycle to as many Marin students as possible, sharing the memory of their beloved son Cory’s passion for cycling to those who could not otherwise afford the chance. MCBC’s Cory’s Ride program is making the health and mobility benefits of cycling a basic right, not just a privilege, for children in our county.

According to Matt Farber, Cory’s Ride program Manager, “Cory’s Ride was created to give students from underserved communities in Marin County the opportunity to receive a bicycle and, with it, healthy and fun ways to get around. In addition to these students receiving equipment, bicycle safety education, maintenance support, and on-the-road practice, the hope is to have them serve as future cycling mentors and help lower the barriers for other high school students through advocacy and engagement in their communities.”

The first round of 10 students were recruited for the high school program in late February. Students from San Rafael High School had to submit an application to participate, highlighting why they needed a bike and how they planned to use it in their daily lives. They also had to commit to fulfilling various program requirements in order to stay enrolled in the program and keep their bicycle at the end. The group was overjoyed to learn that they had been selected, and classes officially began on March 22, 2021.


The first two classes were delivered virtually and focused on traffic safety skills, rules of the road, the benefits of active transportation, and route planning to school. Students met in person for the first time this week to practice some drills and get acquainted with their bicycles, during an afternoon session at Pickleweed Park in the Canal District. Students will continue to receive on-bike support and instruction in the form of a planned group ride and online classes over the coming weeks, after which point they will get to officially bring their bikes home. The stoke level is high amongst these deserving students!

Upon completion of the program, students will also be invited to participate in a new Transportation Advisory Council for high school students, discussing and taking action to promote environmental sustainability and social justice as it relates to equal access and safe infrastructure to enable green travel. Our goal is for them to become advocates for their communities and neighborhoods. We can’t wait to hear their ideas and see the impact they create!

MCBC looks forward to expanding the Cory’s Ride program and welcoming even more students to participate throughout the county. The Cory’s Ride program was made possible through the generous support of our amazing donors, MCBC members, and the partnership of Safe Routes to Schools (a program of the Transportation Authority of Marin). We’d love to have you join Team Cory’s Ride as a donor:

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