Who We Are Morris Beazley – Creating A Legacy For Marin Biking

Long-time Marin resident Morris Beazley remembers sitting in his gridlocked car ferrying his kids to school. The fact that he was not alone was not a solace. “I joined the board of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition in 2010 after volunteering at the bike valet, realizing how much I appreciated the notion of getting cars off the road, of getting kids safely on bikes so they can get there themselves.”

This belief in the importance and beauty of cycling drew Beazley to a deeper engagement with the organization. Though he has recently stepped down from the board, Beazley twice served as Vice President and has been part of two Executive Director transitions. His experience as Vice President at Autodesk was key to these processes running smoothly. His understanding of the tools and traits needed to lead a plucky, niche non-profit have served the organization well.

Morris Beazley LegacyBeazley can be seen running errands between his home in San Anselmo and neighboring towns of Fairfax, San Rafael, Larkspur, etc., or on the mountain bike heading up to Phoenix Lake, Blithedale Ridge and the northern slopes of Mt. Tam. He has a deep appreciation for the work of the advocacy team, both on and off-road.

“Advocacy is challenging. Building the relationships and being able to influence decision makers is critical—and it takes time. The team at MCBC are all incredibly dedicated, talented folks whose work has made Marin more accessible and safer for all kinds of cyclists. And being a part of that is very satisfying.” Morris Beazley Legacy

Beazley notes that as the world changes and global warming becomes ever more present, cycling is very important to affecting some level of change, to slowing that process. He’s been heartened by the rise of e-bikes and their relatively widespread adoption.

“E-bikes are truly a game changer for transportation. They are making a significant difference in getting people out of their cars. Every week I see more and more people who would not otherwise be on a bike out enjoying a leisure ride or becoming a newly minted commuter.”

Another source of inspiration stemming from the Marin County Bicycle Coalition was its Safe Routes to Schools program, born here and now a nationally recognized, adopted, and integral part of community infrastructure from New York to California. Beazley believes that liberating parents and kids from cars has built a whole new generation of advocates. He’s also proud that over time the Coalition has come to represent pedestrian needs as well.

“If we really want more cycling, undertaking safety for both cyclists and pedestrians is key.”

While Beazley has been a long-time donor to the Coalition, as he steps down from the board, he has stepped up his dedication to the cause by committing to a legacy gift.

“The current leadership combined with the continued efficacy of the organization has inspired me to make a bequest to MCBC in my will. They are doing transformative work and I want to see it continue.”

Hallelujah to that.

Leave a legacy and protect the places you love to ride by leaving a gift for Marin County Bicycle Coalition in your estate plans. Contact Tarrell or your estate planner to get started.

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