News Mill Valley-Sausalito Path Bothin Marsh Update

At the edge of Richardson Bay in Mill Valley, the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve and a section of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Pathway are experiencing the eff­ects of sea level rise. More frequent and severe flooding impacts the shoreline, plants, wildlife, and the pathway.

One Tam partners Marin County Parks and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy are engaging with the Marin community on a plan to preserve the marsh and protect the pathway. Key considerations include:

Habitat restoration

Restoring the natural ability of tides and the creek to manage sediment will enhance the health and resiliency of the wetlands, its native plants, and wildlife.

Pathway experience

Relocating the pathway to the edge of the marsh to prevent flooding and reconstructing a wider, safer, and accessible path while maintaining views of the marsh and the Bay.

Trail connectivity

Improving access to recreation, safe routes to school, and carbon-free transportation options.

Simple trailhead features

Adding basic amenities such as restrooms, drinking fountains, and seating while maintaining the natural character of the marsh and surrounding neighborhoods.

As One Tam moves forward with the next stages of restoration and multi use pathway design, we need your insights and ideas. Please stay informed about upcoming community events, learn more about the marsh and its habitats, designing with nature, and sea level rise adaptation by joining our e-mail list, visiting our Storymap, and by participating in a newly released survey here. Please respond by December 15th. 

Click here for more inforamation about the Bothin Marsh Project and the Mill-Valley Sausalito Pathway.

Mill Valley-Sausalito Path Bothin Marsh Update


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