Off Road Action Needed: Novato Region 4 Pro-Trail Comments Needed Now!

ACTION NEEDED: Take 5 minutes to craft an email in support of more than 5 miles of new trails in North Marin!

During the recent Marin County Parks Region 4 Road and Trail Workshop, Parks staff presented a plan to adopt four social trails on Mount Burdell for bicycle use. Region 4 includes Mount Burdell, Rush Creek, Deer Island, Indian Tree, Little Mountain and Verissmo Hills Open Space Preserves.

They also proposed road-to-trail conversions of two popular fire roads: Deep Camp, which is steep and rocky, and San Marin/San Carlos, which remain muddy for a good portion of the year. These roads would be replaced with more sustainable multi-use trails, enhancing the user experience, while reducing impacts to the environment.

Additionally, a social trail at Rush Creek would be adopted to allow better connectivity between the Bahia Trail and the Bahia Ridge Fire Road.

This initial outcome represents a great start to expanding trail access in north Marin. But you need to let Parks know you support the proposal! Your input is critical right now – please take a moment to send an email right now.

Please send your email to Jon Campo ( supporting the Initial Region 4 Road and Trail Designation as it was presented at the May 13 meeting and call out some or all of following wins for mountain biking:

  • Adoption of social trail 11115 would provide a loop from the top of Mount Burdell to Deer Camp Fire Road
  • Adoption of social trails 11542 and 11540 would provide a better visitor experience, reduce bike traffic on the popular San Andreas Fire Road and create a loop
  • Adoption of social trail 11850 would provide a better visitor experience and create a loop when paired with 11540 and 11542
  • Conversion of Deep Camp Fire Road to a multi-use trail would provide a better visitor experience and reduce the impacts on the environment
  • Conversion of San Carlos and San Marin Fire Roads to multi-use trails would provide a better visitor experience, would reduce the impacts on native plant communities and avoid a muddy situation during the winter months

Additionally, support the adoption of a social trail to connect Bahia Trail with Bahia Ridge Fire Road creating a safe loop at Rush Creek.

Include your name, address and mention the ways you use the Open Space preserves in Novato and how they enhance your quality of life.

When sending comments to Open Space Planner Jon Campo, DO NOT COPY MCBC on that email, but feel free to forward your comments separately to Off-Road Director Tom Boss –

If you want to keep up to date on upcoming meetings, planning and other events critical to trail access in Marin County, please take a moment to subscribe to the MCBC Trail Alerts Calendar.

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