Off-Road Reimagine Mt. Tam

Time for a More Inclusive Trail System

Mt. Tam is considered the birthplace of mountain biking for good reason. It has over 100 miles of single-track trails that have been enjoyed by recreationalists for close to a century. This incredible resource, right in our backyard, has 22,000 acres of land, and hundreds of miles of existing roads and trails. However, off-road cycling is restricted to the watershed fire roads. 

The time has come to make trails on Mt. Tam available to off-road bikers, to meet the needs and recreational interests of generations to come. And we have an avenue to make this a reality. 

On Wednesday, June 8th, Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) will kick off the first meeting of the Watershed Recreation Plan. Alta Planning is the consultant chosen by MMWD to guide the planning process, which is expected to last 12 to 18 months. Over this time a number of meetings, site visits, impact studies, and listening sessions will take place.

Join The Team

You need to be part of this process if you care about bicycle access on Mt. Tam!

With you on our team, we will be able to stay engaged with the process from start to finish and advocate for a bike-friendly framework while managing recreation and (importantly) protecting the environment and biodiversity of the hundred-year-old watershed.

Here’s how you can join us!

1. Join your Local Team working on Reimagine Mt. Tam to get reminders for upcoming Watershed Recreation Plan meetings and keep up to date on rides and other off road advocacy activities. Click here to join the Mt. Tam Local Team. 

2. Join the July 6th Watershed Recreation Plan Naturalist Walking Tour at the Lake Lagunitas parking lot from 2 – 3 p.m.

How to Participate

This is an in-person meeting. Meeting location is at the Lagunitas Lake Parking Lot. Parking passed will be provided to meeting attendees.

3. Don’t have time to participate? The Reimagine Mt. Tam campaign needs your support! Please give to the Off-Road Program here

Many of you participated at earlier moments in this process. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, and we’re incredibly grateful. We are hopeful you will stay engaged for the long haul.

Upcoming Community Workshops & Engagement Activities

Those who enjoy Mt. Tam are invited and encouraged to participate in every event.  

July 6, 2022
Watershed Site Visit #1 – Ranger and Naturalist Hike. 

July 13, 2022
Community Workshop #2 – Watershed census survey update, data collection process, and public input

August 3, 2022
Watershed Site Visit #2 – Watershed data collection volunteer opportunity

September 14, 2022
Community Workshop #3 – Stewardship, partnership and outreach programs, and public input.  Meeting agenda.

October 12, 2022
Community Workshop #4 -Recreational facilities, visitor management, and public input

November 9, 2022
Watershed Site Visit #3 – Roads, trails, and Azalea Hill Project

February 8, 2023
Community Workshop #5 – Watershed census survey data, best management practices and adaptive management

April 12, 2023
Community Workshop #6 – Watershed Recreation Management Plan Outcomes and public input

Here’s how you can join us on the Reimagine Mt. Tam Local Team

Speak up for more trail access on Mt. Tam. Sign up here to join the Reimagine Mt. Tam Local Team and help us create a more inclusive trail system for all users.

Click here for more information about MCBC and the Watershed Recreation Plan.

A More Inclusive Recreation Plan on Mt. Tam


All of our work to make Marin more bike-friendly is powered by your generous givingJoin the team fighting on your behalf for expanded trail access today!

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