Who We Are Remy’s Story: A Young Rider Inspiring Others

By Remy Leibowitz, MCBC Member

Remy Leibowitz is a young rider who participated in the Climate Ride with Team MCBC this past May. We asked Remy to share his story. Here is what Remy shared with us, and what we want to share with you. Thanks to you for reading, and thanks to Remy for sharing! 

Remy’s Story

Remy's Story

Hello friends and family,

I am happy to say that I rode the whole 38+ miles in the Climate Ride Green Fondo with Team MCBC on Saturday, May 16, 2022 for my bar mitzvah project fundraiser, and have exceeded my fundraising goal! I’d like to thank everyone who has donated already to this cause. I had a lot of fun riding and learned about the work of other climate-related non-profits that are benefiting from riders’ support. 

I can still accept donations through the time of my bar mitzvah in October (and each donation is being matched by a generous foundation), so together we can make even more of an impact! 

Below is the info on my Bar Mitzvah projects, and some of the activities I still plan to do between now and October.

Thank you so much for your love and support, Remy

My Bar Mitzvah Projects (as of May 2022)

I have been preparing for my Bar Mitzvah by conducting a couple of projects.  I’ve also been learning about my Jewish heritage by participating over the last two years in the Tawonga Bar Mitzvah program. It was a little disturbed by Covid but I still learned so much about Judaism and its history. I was able to learn, see friends, be outside, and have campouts and retreats over that time. It was very fun and I learned so much and made good friends. 

Remy's Story

For my first project, I will participate in the Green Fondo Climate Ride as one part of my Mitzvah project. I will be riding with the Marin County Bicycle Coalition team to benefit them and the Safe Routes to Schools program, which encourages kids to bike, walk and not drive to school. My mom will be riding with me and my brother and dad will be supporting me along the way.  I am very thankful to have such supportive and amazing parents and a loving and funny brother.

I have been riding to school every day since I was in kindergarten and still do now to middle school. To prepare for the ride, I also have been doing longer bike rides on the weekends. On Saturday, May 16, I’ll be cycling 38 miles and gaining almost 2,000 feet of elevation as part of the ride. I was concerned about the wildfires and how they have affected our community and many others and I wanted to fundraise and also support organizations that help wildfire victims.

The second part of my Bar Mitzvah project is visiting the L’chaim House, a Jewish assisted living home. I will visit there with my saxophone. I will host some concerts and talk to seniors. Also, I will share with them my memories and I hope they will enjoy talking to me about theirs. This is going to be an enjoyable experience.

I am trying to raise $1,000 before May 15 and I have raised over my goal with an astounding $2,840. I would appreciate it if you could support me by donating to the Green Fondo Climate Ride. This could be instead of a Bar Mitzvah gift.  

With appreciation and thank you,

Remy Leibowitz

If you’re curious about  joining the MCBC team and doing a multi-day climate ride to support MCBC, please reach out to info@marinbike.org.  We would love to have you join us. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete doing century rides every weekend, or a new rider wanting to get more into riding – you’re all welcome.

Please join us in biking to support MCBC and in our efforts to combat climate change. See you out on the roads and trails of Marin!

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