Save the Date: Sunday. July 31 Return of the Jane Fondo

A message from April Kushner

Women: Get your bike ready!

My name is April. I’m the MCBC Membership & Volunteer Coordinator and I LOVE mountain biking!

I am always excited to meet other women who also love mountain biking or those just discovering it. On Sunday, July 31, we will be taking to the hills and trails of Marin County for the second annual Jane Fondo, a mountain bike ride geared for women. No matter where you fall on the expereience spectrum – whether just starting to ride off-road or already an accomplished dirt devotee – I hope you’ll join us.

Organized rides are a perfect opportunity to enjoy a stress-free day of riding. With well-stocked rest stops along the route and full SAG support, all you have to do is show up ready to ride.

The MCBC Jane Fondo features 3 different routes: Casual – for those that want to chat and make friends while getting in a little trail action, Intermediate – still casual but with a slightly faster pace, and Challenging – for women looking to go faster and farther. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to participate. Last year we saw at least 2 women complete their first organized ride who had previously only ridden 5 miles at a time. (The shortest route on the Jane Fondo is 13.5 miles.) I heard from a lot of women who said that they came prepared to do 22 miles, but were having such a great time that they pushed themselves to complete the 28 mile loop!

Why the Jane Fondo?
Riding with other women is an entirely different riding experience. We love riding with the guys too, but there’s something about riding with women that is unique. The women that I’ve met don’t care if they are faster than I am and I don’t care if I am faster than they are. I find that women encourage one another, help the each other overcome obstacles and are just happy to ride.

Every single woman I talked to after last year’s Jane Fondo had great stories of obstacles they overcame and new friends they met. I left the event just like them- inspired and exhausted.

UPDATE: Due to low initial registration, we have been forced to cancel the 2016 Jane Fondo.  If you already signed up, we can simply transfer your registration fee to the MCBC Dirt Fondo on August 31, 2016 – and we are organizing the same pro-rider guided format.  If you are unable to ride on that date, please contact Tom Boss for refund of your fees.

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