pilot program launch by Trail Partners Slow (and Say Hello!) Zone

Slow_ZoneThe Marin Municipal Water District, MCBC and Trail Partners have worked together to develop a pilot program to encourage mindful travel through high density areas and a greater awareness of one’s surroundings.

MMWD reports that a large percentage of complaints they receive come from visitors walking or riding around Lake Lagunitas, so that’s where we’ll be rolling out the pilot program: The Slow Zone.

The Slow Zone will be voluntary, but signage and outreach will encourage riding at a less aggressive pace around the lake and to always slow down for other trail users. It will also encourage hikers and walkers to pay attention and not block the trail.

The pilot program will be on the agenda of the MMWD Watershed Committee Meeting this Thursday at 2 pm. Following approval, MCBC will need volunteers to help with outreach in April and May.

Please contact Tom Boss at tom@www.marinbike.org if you have questions about the program or want to volunteer.

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