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Covid-19 ‘Shelter in place’ protocol

  1. Six Feet at a Minimum
    Everyone is required to social distance from others with a minimum buffer of 6 feet. When passing or approaching people on foot, bike, or horse, slow down and create as much distance as possible. On trails that are less than six feet wide, it is imperative to communicate with other trail users to ensure you can keep your distance. Consider stepping off the trail to let others pass, stick to the fire roads, and/or ride in off-peak hours.

  2. Wear a Mask, Bandana, or Buff When You Ride
    Marin County health officials, along with state and federal officials, are now urging the public to use masks or face coverings when leaving home for essential travel and exercise. For cyclists, that means riding with a bandana, buff, or mask and pulling it over your nose and mouth before passing other people.

  3. Do Not Drive to Your Ride
    If you live in Marin County, you probably have access to great rides close to home. Please ride from your house. Authorities are citing vehicles parked at or near park entrances and trailheads. The sight of a loaded bike rack on the back of a car or truck is not good for the cycling community during this crisis. Please do your part and stay close to home.

Marin County is home to dozens of miles of pristine trails, with access constantly expanding. We are lucky to have so many incredible fire roads and singletrack trails to ride that span a wide array of terrain. Whether you are looking for forested, mountain riding or breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean, you can find it all on our trails! The majority of the trails in Marin are multi-use with hikers, bikers, and equestrians all sharing access. We encourage all trail users to be friendly, polite, and respect the trail! Please follow these trail etiquette rules when you ride:


Please stay off of trails that are closed to bikes. The way you ride will influence trail management decisions and policies.


Please do not cut switchbacks, don’t ride after heavy rains, and avoid skidding. Stay on designated trails (no cross-country riding). And please don’t litter and remember to pick up garbage when you see it.

Ride in Control

Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, 15 mph Max, 5 mph when passing.  Ride it, don’t slide it!


Slow down (way down!), kindly announce your presence and say hello, and be prepared to stop. Uphill travelers have the Right of Way, both riders should slow down and stay to the right.


When approaching equestrians and dog walkers announce your presence early with a “Howdy” or “Hello” and a ring of the bell, slow down and ask if it’s safe to pass.


Know your riding ability. Take a map if you are riding in a new area. Start early in case you get lost. Pack enough food and water and always wear a helmet.

Good Reminders when Riding

  • Avoid sensitive conversations on the trail.

  • On weekends try to ride in more remote areas or on less popular trails.

  • One bad encounter will take at least 10 good encounters to forget.

  • Create as many positive interactions as possible and avoid conflicts.

  • Be a trail steward!

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