Who We Are Welcome Zoe Reckas to MCBC Staff

We are excied to welcome Zoë Reckas as MCBC’s new Advocacy Assistant. Zoë joins the Policy & Planning Team to help launch two of our newest programs: E-Bike Smart Marin and Local Teams. Zoë is passionate about helping transform cities to become bike and pedestrian friendly places to live.

Zoë joined MCBC in the Fall of 2022. Growing up on the Monterey Peninsula her default mode of transportation was walking and biking, which was partly thanks to the inherent bike-friendly nature of her hometown as well as the influence of her father, who refused to drive anywhere within a 15 mile radius. With roots as a commuter cyclist, Zoë became interested in bike camping/touring during her time at Sonoma State where she earned her B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Environmental Science and Planning. She hopes to transform more cities into havens for cyclists and pedestrians, so that others may enjoy the many benefits of human-centric communities.

We are thrilled to have Zoë join the team! We asked her to tell us a little more about herself and why she rides!

Welcome Zoe Reckas

What kind of bicycle(s) do you ride?

I have a Bianchi Volpe for commuting and touring, a Salsa Fargo for gravel and bikepacking, and a Santa Cruz 5010 for the trails that need a little more “squish factor.”

What do you like best about riding?

The freedom to explore. As a mode of transportation it really hits that sweet spot between walking and driving; you can cover a lot of ground in one day yet are slow enough to really be immersed in your surroundings.

What do you like best about the benefits of riding your bike?

I’ve always approached things from a health perspective, and for me bikes tick all the boxes. Riding helps to improve my physical health, my mental health, and even the health of our environment. 

And, as my dad and I always joked, “more miles, more pie”!

What would you have liked someone to tell you when you started?

That it truly doesn’t matter how far or how fast you can ride. As long as you enjoy riding your bike you’re doing it right! 

Where is your favorite place to ride your bike?

New Zealand, especially the South island. From single track to rail trails there’s something for everyone. And the epic scenery and hospitality of the people make for an unforgettable experience. 

What is your favorite ride/route in Marin County?

We’re very fortunate to have so many incredible rides right in our backyard, it’s hard to pick just one. But one of my favorites is riding out to Samuel P. Taylor, camping at the hiker/biker site, and returning over Fairfax-Bo ridge. It’s a perfect weekend refresher.

What part of riding would you most like to improve?

I’d love to see the cycling world at large become more inclusive and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income, ability, etc. 

What is your vision of bicycling in the future?

I want to see a world where transportation is designed around bikes and pedestrians. Being able to safely walk and bike provides more opportunity to connect with your community, compared to being stuck alone in your car all the time. The best part is that this type of design would be beneficial to those who still prefer to drive (less traffic!). It really helps everyone, regardless of their preferred mode of transportation.  

Welcome to MCBC Zoë!

Welcome Zoe Reckas


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