Reimagine Mt. Tam What Does It Mean To Reimagine Mt. Tam?

Today, people on bikes can enjoy a variety of trail experiences in all of Marin’s many parks, with one exception: Mt. Tam. 

Bicycles are prohibited from all trails on the 19,000 acre Mt Tamalpais Watershed. Often we hear that bicyclists have access to many miles of fire roads, and some of them are amazing with beautiful views. But fire roads were not created for recreation, and in most cases they do not immerse one in nature or provide solitude; an experience we all want whether hiking or biking.

When Marin Municipal Water District announced that it would undergo the creation of a Recreation Management Plan for the Mt. Tam Watershed, a first since it was established in 1912, MCBC saw this as an opportunity to reimagine how we use, care for, and bring balance to the crown jewel of Marin.

What does it mean to “reimagine” exactly? Opening all trails to bikes? Building miles and miles of new single-track? Swift, dramatic change, or new access? A lack of consideration for the habitat or other park visitors? 

In a word, no.

We, like all of you, want a plan built on guiding principles such as safety, equity, and sustainability. We want a collaborative approach, in partnership with other stakeholders and community leaders. Just like you, we want to prioritize environmental stewardship. 

Reimagine Mt. Tam

We want the Watershed Recreation Plan to include

  • New loops, longer scenic routes, and trails will get us off paved roads for our safety. 

  • Trail experiences similar to those enjoyed by hikers and equestrians would treat all who recreate here more equitably. 

  • Protections for Mt. Tam’s critical habitat and water supply. 

In order to achieve these, we are asking for a bicycle trail classification, and pilot projects that monitor impacts on the watershed and habitat and educate all trail users. 

These could include:Watershed Recreation Plan Azalea Hill

  • The adoption of a single non-system trail

  • A road-to-trail conversion, or 

  • Time allocation for bicyclists on a low-use trail.

We want thoughtful, measured steps, just like you.

We think we’re in the best position to bring the voice of Marin’s bikers to the front as the watershed plan is defined. 

The Three E’s

We have long-standing success because our off-road program has always been built on three E’s:

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Education 

  • New trail Experiences for people on bikes. 

We place equal importance and resources into each of these priorities. As a result we’ve successfully added many new bike-legal trails to our network. Each of which address environmental impacts and reduces user conflict and many provide safe alternatives to busy roadways and steep fire roads.

The status quo doesn’t seem to make anyone happy. How will keeping things as they are result in a positive outcome?

Working together with you—our neighbors—I know we can find solutions for Mt. Tam’s future.

Help us do this, with those three E’s in mind.

Mt Tam Watershed Survey

Ways to get involved

  • Join the Reimagine Mt. Tam Local Team, a way to get deeply involved in Mt. Tam’s future for bikers

  • Sign up for trail stewardship list

  • Learn more about the storied success of our off-road program, and all the ways we’ve considered those E’s

  • Enter the giveaway we’re currently running—you can win $10,000 for a new bike, or bikes

  • Get involved with Marin‘s conservation organizations, listed below.

Marin County conservation organizations and related nonprofits


All of our work to make Marin more bike-friendly is powered by your generous givingJoin the team fighting on your behalf for expanded trail access today!

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