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Bicyclists are encouraged to say “hello” and use a bike bell on trails and pathways. Our multi-use pathways and trails are enjoyed by walkers, hikers, families, equestrians, and fellow bicyclists. To enhance safety on these shared facilities, Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) will install a free bell on any bike without one.

Bike bells are a friendly way to announce your presence. Combined with a “howdy” or “hello”, the bike bell promotes safe and friendly encounters between people.


  • Ring your bell well in advance of passing others to avoid startling people.

  • Say “Howdy”, “Hi”, or “Hello.” This is especially true when approaching horses, as they are comforted by the human voice.

  • It takes 10 positive encounters to wipe out one negative encounter. So let’s get those bells installed and start ringing them!

NEW FOR 2021

MCBC is working with Marin’s NorCal High School Cycling League teams to ensure all student athletes have a bell on their bike. Included with each free bell is a wallet sized trail etiquette handout that includes information on who to contact regarding trail hazards and volunteer opportunities.

The Tam High team recently installed bells on all bikes!

Thanks to the generous donation from MCBC and SpurCycles, now every rider on the Tam High MTB team has a super premium bell on their bike that emits a powerful and long-lasting tone. Now when we pass hikers on the trail, many comment on the pleasant sound of multiple bells ringing in unison and appreciate being alerted to our presence as we pass by on the trail. And maybe most important, the student-atheletes treat the spur bells as essential equipment on their bikes and use them on every ride.”

Tad Neeley, Coach & Team Director

The program is made possible with support from Marin County Parks, Marin Municipal Water District and Mike’s Bikes.

Since 2012, Marin County Bicycle Coalition has distributed over 1,500 bike bells at trailheads and on pathways throughout the county.

To get your free bike bell installed, look for Slow & Say Hello outposts at trailheads this spring and summer or bring your bike to an MCBC sponsored group ride (when they return later this year).

I saw a bee fly right into a bell. I thought, “That’s a real humdinger”.


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