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MCBC’s Road Program works to make bicycling safe and accessible for people of all ages and abilities by improving the safety and connectivity of Marin’s bike routes. For 2019, we’ve put together an exciting and diverse list of projects, ranging from near-term fixes to efforts that will require several years of advocacy.

This list is by no means exhaustive; it’s meant to highlight our highest priorities heading into 2019. If you would like to suggest a project, please fill out the form embedded at the bottom of the page.

2nd to andersen pathway (san Rafael)

Description: For the last three years–dating back to our Save the SMART Pathway campaign in 2015–MCBC has fought for a pathway parallel to SMART’s Larkspur rail extension after SMART omitted the pathway from its plans.

After a near lawsuit, negotiations, feasibility study, and a scramble to find funding, the first phase of the pathway is currently being built between Andersen Drive and Rice Drive (expected early 2019). That leaves the stretch from Rice Drive to 2nd Street unfunded. MCBC helped secure a $1.2m grant for the project in late 2018.

Why It Matters: Will create a low-stress, all ages and abilities bicycling connection between Downtown San Rafael and Cal Park Hill Tunnel.

Status: Partially funded; construction on first phase nearing completion.

Next Steps: Continue to advocate and look for funding needed for the remaining project.

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north-south greenway gap closure (larkspur / Corte Madera)

Description: This project has been split into two phases. The first, which is fully funded and will begin construction in 2019, will create a widened pathway for people walking and biking across the US-101 off-ramp over Corte Madera Creek and down to the pedestrian overcrossing that connects to Nellen Avenue.

The second phase will create a new stretch of Bay Trail along the former rail levee that runs behind businesses and residences off of Redwood Highway, ultimately linking to the pathways that converge at Wornum Drive.

Why It Matters: Will create the next connection in the North-South Greenway across Corte Madera Creek, closing the gap between the Central Marin Ferry Connector Bridge and Corte Madera / Sandra Marker Trail.

Status: Partially funded; construction on first phase to begin in 2019.

Next Steps: Continue to advocate and look for funding needed for the remaining project.

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alto tunnel (Corte Madera / mill valley)

Description: MCBC is working with community group Friends of Alto Tunnel to build neighborhood-level support to reopen Alto Tunnel.

Why It Matters: The Alto Tunnel is the lynchpin of the North-South Greenway. Opening the tunnel will create a flat, safe, and direct connector between Mill Valley and Corte Madera that will appeal to all ages and abilities. The current alternatives, Camino Alto and Horse Hill, include steep climbs and descents with dangerous traffic, and can never be made suitable for pedestrians, casual cyclists, children, or individuals with disabilities.

Status: Property and structural studies complete; project is currently inactive but was included in the recent Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Next Steps: Stay tuned!

Click here to learn more about Friends of Alto Tunnel and sign their petition >>

bridgeway bike lanes (Sausalito)

Description: This past December, we delivered a petition to Sausalito’s City Council with over 200 signatures asking the City to reconfigure the stretch of Bridgeway between Downtown and Golden Gate Market / 2nd Street to create bike lanes.

Why It Matters: Marin’s busiest bicycling corridor is long overdue for safety improvements. We believe we’ve identified a commonsense fix that will deliver safety and congestion benefits along Sausalito’s waterfront.

Status: Advocacy underway.

Next Steps: Continue to apply pressure to City Council toward implementing a pilot project in 2019.

Click here to read our latest project update. It’s not too late to add your name to the petition! >>

west end – gerstle park connector (san rafael)

Description: We’d like to see a multi-use pathway built along the south side of 2nd Street in order to help connect the quiet neighborhood streets (West End/Greenfield Ave. and 1st St.) that run parallel to high-traffic roadways. The pathway would formalize what westbound cyclists already do (ride on the sidewalk), improve safety for eastbound cyclists, and create a much-improved pedestrian experience.

The City of San Rafael is set to move forward with plans to redesign this stretch of Second Street, but these important bike improvements have been omitted.

Why It Matters: The quarter-mile stretch between West End Ave. and Miramar St. is the only location between Fairfax and San Rafael where people bicycling do not have a calm side street on which to ride.

Status: Project plans to go to Council for review in early 2019.

Next Steps: Mobilize MCBC supporters to ensure the connector is included in this project.

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rural road improvements (various locations)

Description: At MCBC’s request, the County proposed a series of improvements to the more-heavily used rural roadways, including “Give 3 Feet” and “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signage, widening shoulders where feasible and appropriate (with emphasis on higher-speed segments and uphill grades), and improved maintenance, among other proposals.

Why It Matters: Increasing tensions and high collision rates on Marin’s rural roadways suggest the need for signage that more clearly indicates cyclists’ rights to the road and drivers’ responsibilities, along with widened shoulders where feasible.

Status: Planned in various locations.

Next Steps: We’re keeping an eye on the County’s roadway projects to look for opportunities to include the improvements outlined above, starting with the east side of White’s Hill in Summer 2019!

East blithedale protected bike lanes (Mill valley)

Description: The City of Mill Valley will soon begin planning for the rehabilitation of East Blithedale. This is an excellent opportunity to reconfigure the roadway to create protected or buffered bike lanes between Camino Alto and 101.

Why It Matters: The stretch between Camino Alto and 101 (which is used by many to travel between Mill Valley and Tiburon) is busy and offers just a few short stretches of shoulder for people bicycling.

Status: Project outreach to begin in early 2019.

Next Steps: Mobilize MCBC supporters to ensure protected bike lanes are included in the project.

downtown san rafael bike network

Description: MCBC was successful in calling for plans to create a grid of bikeways through Downtown San Rafael. It’s now time to make those plans a reality and push the City toward implementation. We’re focused on winning a north-south route on West Tamalpais and east-west routes on 1st and 4th Streets.

We’re also closely watching the Transit Center relocation project as an important opportunity to deliver new bike routes on the eastern edge of Downtown.

Why It Matters: Downtown San Rafael is the hub of Marin County, but offers little to no bike connectivity. The lack of dedicated space for people biking makes riding an option for only the most confident of riders. The area has the highest concentration of vehicle-bike and vehicle-pedestrian collisions in the County.

Status: Studies planned, but unfunded.

Next Steps: Continue to advocate for implementation of projects (or pilot projects) that establish new bike lanes through Downtown San Rafael.

Click here to read our latest on San Rafael’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan >>

Click here to read our latest on the Transit Center relocation >>

canal connections (san rafael)

Description: In partnership with the Canal Alliance, our priorities include the following: 1) protected bike lanes on Grand Ave. connecting to the proposed east-west route on 4th St., 2) protected bike lanes on Bellam Blvd. connecting to Cal Park Hill Tunnel, and 3) a commitment to study the feasibility of a more direct Canal crossing in order to keep those travelling between the Canal and Downtown/Montecito area from having to use Francisco Blvd. West.

Why It Matters: Like San Rafael’s Downtown, bike connections through the Canal are almost non-existent, forcing people to ride on sidewalks or share roadways with fast-moving traffic. This is an especially crucial issue for those entering or leaving the neighborhood, as the only two roadways connecting the Canal with surrounding areas–Francisco Boulevard West and Bellam Boulevard (pictured above)–are both incredibly busy and inhospitable for people travelling by foot and bike.

Status: Some projects underway, others planned / unfunded.

Next Steps: Continue to advocate for the implementation of projects (or pilot projects) listed above.

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