San Rafael Transit Center Update Join Us in Calling for a Walkable, Bikeable San Rafael Transit Center

Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (GGBHTD) is moving forward with plans to build a new San Rafael Transit Center. Whether you are a transit rider or someone who travels through the area, join MCBC today in asking GGBHTD to prioritize walking and bicycling at the North Bay’s busiest transportation hub.

As we’ve written previously, the area surrounding the San Rafael Transit Center is incredibly inhospitable for people on foot and bike. Between 2006-2016, over 160 people were hit–three killed–while walking or bicycling through the area, making it the most dangerous area to walk and bike in Marin County.

As a transportation hub for those travelling primarily without cars, it should be the most walkable and bikeable area, not the least.

That’s why MCBC is looking at the San Rafael Transit Center Project–which will involve a complete relocation of the existing transit center due to SMART’s Larkspur rail extension–as a remarkable opportunity to reinvent this area. MCBC is asking those who would like to see the area improved for walking and bicycling to echo our priorities (and share your own) through the form embedded below.

MCBC Priorities

GGBHTD is currently seeking feedback on four proposed configurations (to review and provide feedback on these alternatives, head to GGBHTD’s survey). At this early stage, MCBC’s focus is on ensuring that walking and bicycling are prioritized. In a letter sent to GGBHTD this week, MCBC asked for the following to be considered baseline project elements regardless of the preferred alternative:

– Incorporation of planned bikeways that are safe and appealing for people of all ages and abilities. The two routes that should receive major upgrades are Fourth Street and West Tamalpais Avenue. Current designs show loading zones on West Tamalpais Avenue, a feature that is not compatible with safe, low-stress bicycling unless the bike lanes are separated/protected.

– A mix of short and long-term bike parking options (conveniently located), including a secure bicycle storage facility.

– A dedicated area for bike share parking.

– Walkable design, with safety, convenience, and aesthetics prioritized to create an inviting transit center area. 

To learn more about the project, head to GGBHTD’s project page and check out their June presentation.




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