Cory's Ride Intern Profile Welcome Leslie – Cory’s Ride Intern

A goal of the Cory’s Ride program since its inception has been to create a student internship opportunity, and MCBC is proud to announce that we recently hired two amazing Cory’s Ride graduates as paid interns.  

Leslie Parra and Yeison Alvarez started their Cory’s Ride journey in 2021. In addition to being top performers in the program, they both graduated from San Rafael High School last Spring and are currently attending College of Marin. As paid interns, they will be working 5-10 hours a week organizing group rides, attending community meetings, working with partner organizations to strengthen relationships and improve transportation conditions, and mentoring other students. 

The internship program teaches responsibility, reliability, and collaboration as students work with MCBC staff and each other to prepare presentations to community groups, learn public speaking, and execute planning and logistical tasks around group ride events. Their official start date was January 17th, and they’ve been doing a wonderful job so far.

As we do with all MCBC staff, we asked Leslie and Yeison about themselves and their views on cycling.  Please enjoy their Rider Profiles, which they have provided in English as well as in Spanish.

Rider Profile Questions – Leslie Parra 

Welcome Leslie - Cory's Ride InternWhat kind of bicycle(s) do you ride?

I ride a city/commuter bike.

What do you like best about riding?

When I ride my bike, I like the feeling it gives me. The rush, the feeling of being able to go anywhere.

What do you like best about the benefits of riding your bike?

I like that my bike gives me the benefit of taking me places faster and there is less of a hassle.

What would you have liked someone to tell you when you started Cory’s Ride?  What was the most surprising thing to you about the program?

I think Matt and Cooper did a great job explaining what Cory’s Ride would be like, but something that did surprise me was the food we would be getting. I had no idea we would do things like that and honestly it’s a nice treat and a great time to bond with the other students and Matt and Cooper.

Where is your favorite place to ride your bike?

With Cory’s Ride, my favorite place to ride would have to be when we went to Larkspur and we biked around there. It’s a very nice path. Other than that I would say China Camp. I enjoy riding through nature.

What part of riding in Marin County would you most like to improve?

I think stricter rules to help bike riders.  It seems like most drivers forget about the bike lane or riders in general and don’t respect. Also making the bike lanes more visible. For example some bike lanes have the bright green color and are much wider and I think that is very helpful. It makes me as a rider feel much more visible. 

What is your vision of bicycling in the future?

My vision of bicycling in the future is for more people to start riding their bikes to work, school, etc. For me, I feel I don’t see enough people going places on their bike and more in their cars. I believe in climate change and I believe riding your bike more can and will help control climate change. So, my vision of bicycling in the future is for there to be more people on bikes!

Preguntas Sobre El Ciclista – Leslie Parra En EspaNol

¿Qué tipo de bicicleta(s) montas?

El tipo de bicicleta que monto es una bicicleta Urbana. 

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de montar en bicicleta?

Cuando monto en bicicleta, me encanta como me hace sentir. Sentirme libre, de poder ir donde yo quiera ir. 

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de los beneficios de montar en bicicleta?

Lo que me gusta más de los beneficios de montar en bicicleta, es poder llegar a lugares mas rapido.

¿Qué te hubiera gustado que alguien te dijera cuando empezaste Cory’s Ride? ¿Qué fue lo que más te sorprendió del programa?

Creo que no hay algo que Matt y Cooper no me dijeron antes de empezar Cory’s Ride. Ellos hicieron un excelente trabajo de explicar sobre la programa y lo que íbamos hacer en la programa. Lo que sí me sorprendió del programa fue la comida que nos daban después de cada paseo. Fue algo bonito para comer y convivir con los otros estudiantes y Matt y Cooper. 

¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito para montar en bicicleta?

Mi lugar favorito para montar en bicicleta es en el camino de Larkspur. También en China Camp. Los dos caminos están muy bonitos y me encanta pasear por la naturaleza.

¿Qué parte de ciclismo en el condado de Marin le gustaría mejorar?

Creo que hay que tener reglas que sean más estrictas porque hay conductores que se olvidan del carril de bicicleta o simplemente no les importa. También haciendo que los carriles de bicicleta sean más visibles. Por ejemplo, hay algunos carriles de bicicletas que son anchos y verdes y eso es algo muy útil y seguro para los conductores y los bicicleteros. 

¿Cuál es tu visión del ciclismo en el futuro?

Mi visión del ciclismo en el futuro es que más personas empiezan a montar sus bicicletas para el trabajo, la escuela, y para los mandados no solo es una forma de ejercicio pero también es una forma de contribuir contra el cambio climático. Yo siento que no veo suficientes personas montando en bicicletas y más en sus autos. Yo creo en el cambio climático y se que si poco a poco hay más personas en bicicleta, podemos impactar nuestro Mundo de una forma buena.

Welcome Leslie - Cory's Ride Intern


Cory’s Ride is currently accepting applications for San Rafael middle and high school students to join the program!  Students who live in the Canal neighborhood, have wanted a bike but haven’t had the means to get one, and are looking for an opportunity to earn one can submit an application here!

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