County Announces Access San Geronimo Golf Course Now Open To Public Access

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A Safe Route to School with better trail connectivity

In January 2018, the Trust for Public Land closed escrow on the San Geronimo Property, placing its future in public hands. Potential plans for the 157-acre San Geronimo Golf Course in the heart of the San Geronimo Valley include safe routes to schools between Woodacre and Lagunitas School, enhancements for coho salmon and better connectivity between surrounding French Ranch, Roy’s Redwoods and Giacomini Open Space Preserves.

While planning takes place, the property is open to bicyclists and pedestrians, providing access to miles of paved pathways, bridges, and a tunnel under a busy roadway.

The pathways traverse the San Geronimo Golf Course fairways in many directions. There is a tunnel under Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and a bridge over Nicasio Valley Road, which provides car-free connectivity between the “front 9” and clubhouse along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, and the “back 9” in the Larson Creek watershed.

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First Ride Impressions

You could easily spend an hour exploring the unique landscape and stellar vistas of this community gem. It is also uniquely positioned between four open space preserves (Roy’s Redwoods, French Ranch, Maurice Thorner and Giacomini), which makes it ideal for improved connectivity and public access to our public lands.

A Safer Route to School

Acquisition of the San Geronimo Golf Course presents an opportunity to improve safety for children traveling on foot and on bicycles between the community of Woodacre and the Lagunitas School.

Previously, Woodacre students had to cross busy Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to get to school. The two most convenient crossings are at intersections where the speed limit is as high as 55 miles an hour (with many vehicles traveling even faster). Now children can avoid crossing Sir Francis Drake Blvd using the existing infrastructure of the San Geronimo Golf Course.

If you plan to visit, please note:

  • The San Geronimo Property is now open for limited public use from dawn to dusk.
  • Golf and equestrian use will not be allowed for the safety of others and the protection of the course during this interim period. Allowed uses include: Pedestrians, dogs on leash, and bikes on paved pathways.
  • Please respect private property. West Nicasio Road is a private drive and there is no parking.

San Geronimo Golf Course Open Space Map

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