news Solstice Volunteers Ensure Event Success

A huge “Thank You!” to all of our 2017 MCBC Solstice Fondo volunteers. Once again, this amazing crew rocked it! From setting up the registration/check-in table at 6:00 AM, being on the course keeping riders on track as Course Marshals and spirits high at all of our Rest Stops, to sweeping the course ensuring all riders were able to made it back to the post-ride BBQ, our volunteers made this event GREAT.

What an epic day. Sure it was hot. Yes, the course was challenging with tons of vertical feet climbed. Maybe there were moments when it seemed you might not make it to the end – but we heard just about every rider say that our volunteers made all the difference!

They checked you in, gave you a great send-off, cheered you on, gave you food and hydration at each rest stop, and provided lunch at the post-ride BBQ. Wow.

In fact, if this sounds amazing and you want to be a part of the MCBC Volunteer Roster, email our Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, Jess Willard

We wanted to take a moment to identify the Volunteers who made the Solstice Fondo such a success:

Registration Volunteers: Hilary Hyde, Carrie Gregorian, Jeff Sanchez, Dolores Mosqueda, Kara Teklinski, Karrie Hovey, and Lauren Willard

Course Marshal Volunteers: Gwen Froh, Charlie Wirtz, Ted Hayden, Jim Malaspina, Mike Willard, Gavin Willard, Monique Winkler, and Jon Geary

Rest Stop Hosts: Mike’s Bikes, Marin Bikes, and OSMO Nutrition

Rest Stop Volunteers: Anne Spalding, Rich Moore, Julie Rodgers, Audrey Fehlhaber, Katy Bernheim, and Claude Meyer

Post-Ride BBQ Crew: Morris Beazley, Don Magdanz, Jim Elias, Lauren Willard, Bjorn Griepenburg, Maggie Dezendorf, Oscar Lozano, Charles Merrill and Karrie Hovey.


Thank you All!

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