news Time to Tend Tamarancho Trails (and Get Your Passes!)

Update Your Trails Pass

It should be on every mountain biker’s end of the year checklist, but if you haven’t already bought your new Tamarancho Trail Pass, it’s time to take care of that! Last year’s Annual Pass and 2015-16 GOLD Passes expired on December 31, 2016.

You can get your new 2017 ANNUAL Pass – valid for unlimited Tamarancho trail riding until December 31, 2017 right now. The Annual Pass costs $45 for an Individual Pass or $60 for a Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household and up to 2 youth riders).

Or pick up the 2017-18 GOLD Pass – valid until December 31, 2018. The regular cost for a GOLD Pass is $85 for the Individual Pass and $115 for the Family Pass (2 adults living in the same household and up to 2 youth) – so it saves a little cash!

Two ways to get your passes:
Online at the Tamarancho Biking page –
Mail-In Form: Tamarancho Trails Pass 2017-18 Application

You can also purchase a day pass at Fairfax Cyclery and Sunshine Bicycles in Fairfax or Acme Bikes in San Rafael.

The loop trails at Tamarancho were constructed over a 6 year period, from 1995 to 2001, by hundreds of local volunteer cyclists. The work was supervised by Jim Jacobsen, who was president of Bicycle Trails Council, which paid for materials.  In 2013, Davey Simon coordinated with Jim and other volunteers to build the new Endor Flow Trail.

Tend to Your Trails

During the winter months, Tamarancho hosts trail work days to maintain, and improve the trails. This involves clearing drainage, cutting back foliage, removing invasive plants, and more. No experience necessary, this is your chance to give back to the best bike trail system in Marin.
It’s been great to see the turnout on the days so far, and there’s another chance this weekend! Saturday work will be on the trails that make up the main loop, and on Sunday, the work will be exclusively on the Flow Trail.

Trail work Saturday on the Loop:
Dates: Saturday, Jan. 21
Time: Meet at 10am at the main parking lot in the Camp, at the top of Iron Springs. Drive or ride your bike to the start.

Trail work Sunday on the Flow Trail:
Dates: Sundays, Jan. 22
Time: Meet at 10am at skills/log ride area, (B-17 Extension Trail). Drive to center of camp and ride your bike, or ride up White Hill, Porcupine Trail.

Bring: Work clothing and gloves, and sturdy shoes. We supply tools and snacks.  Steady rain cancels.

For more information about trailwork contact: Jim Jacobsen at 415/488-1665 or email him . For information about the Flow Trail contact Davey Simon.

Weather Impacts on the Tamarancho Trails

The Tamarancho Trail System, with the exception of the Flow Trail, does not generally officially close due to weather, but they ask your cooperation regarding riding during and immediately after rain storms. When the trails are wet they are most susceptible to damage by bikes. This takes a long time and lots of hours to fix.

Tamarancho Loop Trails
During rain storms, and for a couple of days after, trail managers encourage riders to explore the fire roads of Mt. Tam (which drains very well) and trails in China Camp State Park, and let the Tamarancho trails have time to drain.

Endor Flow Trail
The Flow Trail is closed during rain storms and for 3 days following a heavy rain. For more information about the Tamarancho Endor Flow Trail, and closure updates, visit the Flow Trail Page on Facebook.

“Caballo Rojo” Flow Trail Permit Donations Requested

From Michael Dybeck,
Administrator, Marin Boy Scouts

“I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a further update on the Caballo Rojo Trail project. As you know, Caballo Rojo is a new planned downhill-only flow trail that riders will use to exit the camp. The 1 mile (approximate distance) trail will connect Goldman Trail to lower Iron Springs Road. When this trail is open, Alchemist Trail will become a one-way, uphill-only trail, and downhill bicyclists will be on Iron Springs for a much shorter distance. This new trail will not only add a new, fun section of trail but will also be important to improve the safety of riders and vehicles on Iron Springs. It will also reduce bike traffic on Alchemist, which is the most heavily used trail at the camp.

While over half completed, construction on the new trail has been on hold for over a year as we deal with extensive environmental review by county, state, and federal agencies  – both of this new trail as well as a review of the overall Tamarancho loop, including already-constructed trails. We do believe we will be able to reactivate trail construction in the mid-2017, contingent on permitting, the environmental review process, and, of course, funding.

It is important to note that while Tamarancho has always been recognized for environmentally conscious trail-building practices, for the long-term protection of our property use, governmental agencies are recommending third party review through CEQA. This comprehensive review of our trail system comes at a high cost, which has eclipsed our original construction estimates and the estimates that we originally communicated during the course of the last eighteen months with our FOT members. It is now believed the total cost for the project–including comprehensive environmental review–will cost the Marin Council over $200,000. Over $125,000 has already been spent on this permitting process to date.

We are turning to you–our friends and supporters–to seek donations to help underwrite these costs. All donations directed to support the trails will be restricted to that purpose only, and, of course, these donations are tax deductible. In addition, we have received a significant promise of support from a local trust that would like to match donations from Friends of Tamarancho riders and Camp Tamarancho supporters to help maximize every gift no matter the amount.”

You can make donation through this link, or download the Caballo Rojo Donation Form.

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