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Building Safe Routes to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

One down, two to go! Since the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge multi-use pathway opened in November 2019, we’ve been doubling down for safer, more intuitive connections to and from the bridge. Find out what we’re working on following the recent completion of a protected bikeway linking Francisco Blvd. E with Andersen Drive.

Protected Bikeway Linking to R-SR Bridge Nearing Completion

Construction of a two-way protected bikeway linking to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is expected to be complete by July 31! The new bikeway will link Francisco Blvd. E to Andersen Drive, giving eastbound cyclists an alternative to riding on the I-580 on-ramp and shoulder to access the bridge.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Pathway: Decades in the Making

The opening of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge unlocks countless opportunities for new rides, commutes, and adventures across the Bay. Get in the celebratory spirit by inviting fellow bike lovers to join you on a group ride or signing up for our trademarked* Commuter Matchmaker service!